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Dalian Airport Customs seized 3 cases of excessive cigarette immigration, smoke nearly 100 thousand airports, customs seized the case of excessive intake of cigarettes on the scene. Recently, the Customs Department of Dalian Customs seized a case of passengers carrying excessive cigarettes into the country. The presence of officers is to be struck dumb 8 pieces of luggage, in the peer 3 people, they found a total of 496, nearly 100 thousand cigarettes, and these cigarettes are a male passenger, which is the largest Dalian customs in recent years in the immigration channels seized with cigarette case entry. At present, the case has been transferred to the customs anti smuggling department. On the same day, the monitoring picture of the entry channel showed that after the flight from Osaka to Dalian landed, three fellow passengers picked up the checked baggage, but did not follow other passengers in turn. Instead, they chose to stay and talk and look around. A few minutes later, the three people have been waiting to join the green no declaration channel entry passengers team. Abnormal behavior of their duty officers did not escape the eyes of X ray examination in 9 pieces of luggage then carry to 3 people, of which the officers found 8 contains large amounts of cigarettes. After further inspection, the "Seven Star" brand cigarettes 488, "Marlboro" and other brands of cigarettes 8, a total of 496, 99200 branches. Through field investigation, the number of cigarettes which are a male passenger in the overseas purchase, to evade Customs supervision, he encouraged the two friends using travel opportunities to help them carry, and split up, trying to "pull", but in the end still seized by customs. Customs reminder, cigarettes for China’s restrictions on goods entering the country, every adult carried into personal number of cigarettes can not exceed 400, not for profit or other reasons to buy a large quantity, also don’t help others piggyback luggage, so as to avoid the inconvenience of travel. Text reporter Tang Feng figure correspondent Li Yang

大连机场海关查获超量香烟入境案 3人带烟近10万支 机场海关查获超量携带香烟入境案现场。   近日,大连海关所属机场海关查获一起旅客超量携带香烟入境案。令在场关员瞠目结舌的是,在同行3人的8件行李中,他们总共发现496条、近10万支香烟,并且这些香烟同属一名男性旅客,这也是大连海关近年来在旅检渠道查获的最大一起携带香烟入境案。目前该案已经移交海关缉私部门处理。   当天入境通道的监控画面显示,由大阪飞抵大连的航班降落后,三名同行旅客提取了托运行李,却并未跟随其他旅客依次行走,而是选择原地停留交谈并四处张望。几分钟后,三人先后伺机混入了绿色无申报通道的进境旅客队伍中。他们的异常举动没有逃过当值关员的眼睛,在随后对三人携带的9件行李进行X光机检查时,关员发现其中的8件内装有大量香烟。经进一步查验,共查获“七星”牌香烟488条,“万宝路”等其他品牌香烟8条,合计496条、99200支。   经现场调查,这批香烟均为其中一名男性旅客在境外购买,为逃避海关监管,他鼓动两名亲友利用外出旅游的机会帮助其携带,并分头行动,试图“瞒天过海”,但最终仍被海关查获。   海关提醒,香烟为我国限制进境物品,每位成年人携带入境的个人自用香烟数量不能超过400支,切勿以赢利或其他原因大量购买,也不要随意帮助他人捎带行李,以免给旅途带来不便。   文 本报记者唐枫   图 通讯员李洋相关的主题文章:

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