Daqing this year, the first minimum two fee will be issued as of March next year-cibi

Daqing this year, the first minimum two fee will be issued as soon as March next year and then to the heating season, heating has become one of the focus of attention nowadays. In order to allow families to live in a warm house, Daqing urban subsistence allowances two rescue work has begun, the first batch of subsidies will be opened in front of the heating and heating property sector accounts. September 20th, the Daqing evening news reporter was informed that the Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, guaranteeing college student academic assistance has just ended, subsistence allowances two aid has begun. At present, the Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is to summarize the first batch of urban urban heating, property rescue, and in the end of the month submitted to the Daqing Municipal Bureau of finance, by the financial sector directly allocated to the heating and property sectors, only poor families living in warm house on the line. It is understood that the Daqing city residents "two charges" rescue work started in 2002, when only the "three noes" based on low family housing area not exceeding 60 square meters, 80% of the subsidies given to the other, according to a 50% subsidy low income families. But from 2008 onwards, the overall unity of "two charges" subsidies standards, as long as the housing area less than 60 square meters, full of government subsidies, such as housing area more than 60 square meters, the excess will be low-income families to pay. Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff said, "two charges" subsistence relief, every year two batches, the first batch was filed in August 15th, the second batch of processing time as at the end of 2017 3. In fact, throughout the heating period, have accepted the application." Daqing Civil Affairs Bureau staff tips, when the application, guaranteeing families to bring low assurance, identity cards, housing all the warrants, to the location of the community to fill out the relevant forms of the workstation.相关的主题文章:

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