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Developers have to take 1.5% of the cost of quality insurance to buy a house to find the roof of the insurance company leaks, how to do? Wall cracking, looking for who to repair? Owners can call the insurance company in the future, such as auto insurance claims, as the insurance company is responsible for the identification, maintenance and other processes, the entire process is convenient and rapid. The housing insurance services will be fully implemented in Shanghai. Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal Finance Office, municipal construction committee, Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Municipal Government Information Office held a joint news conference, the full implementation of the construction project quality insurance system in the potential defects of affordable housing in Shanghai, as a pilot area, Pudong New Area will be in the real estate field the first comprehensive landing system. What are the scope of the protection of the quality of construction defects IDI (Inherent Defect Insurance), originated in france. According to French law, this is a mandatory insurance, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Singapore and other more than and 40 countries and regions have carried out this insurance. In China, the system has just started. In simple terms, this is a construction unit (developer) as the insured, payment of insurance premium to the insurance company, the insurance company in accordance with the contract, provide quality service in the risk control in the process of project construction, in construction and after completion of the project, the owners in the course of normal use, still found housing quality problems. The insurance company bear some liability insurance. The liability and time limit of the insurance company are: the structure of the main body (such as collapse, uneven settlement, etc.) ten years; heat preservation and waterproof for five years. From the completion of two years after the period. The scope of protection is in full compliance with the national and Shanghai areas of residential quality assurance requirements. After the introduction of the insurance mechanism, the interests of the construction industry will change dramatically. The insurance company for the urgent need to control their business risk, ensure their profits and reduce the risks, the risk management agency will introduce third party professional, safe, quality risk management to carry out the construction project. Developers will not increase the burden of compulsory insurance will not increase the burden on developers. Before the introduction of IDI insurance, Shanghai to take the property warranty system, developers need to pay about 3% of the cost of residential property warranty to the relevant government departments. And commercial insurance alternative property warranty system, the Shanghai residential construction units (developers) in the purchase of the project quality potential defect insurance, you can exempt from the payment of property warranty obligations. According to Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Shanghai is currently implementing the IDI benchmark rate is generally 1.5% of the total cost of the project, the future will be based on the size of the project, technical complexity, the construction unit performance, the level of project management, quality complaints and claims factors such as insurance rates determined for each project, gradually implement differences in rate and floating rate. Needs to be emphasized is that although the scope of protection is consistent, but in fact the insured amount greatly increased. The quality problem of owners will not encounter "get" the house often can be gradually discovered only in use, property buyers are faced with unforeseen risks. In the insurance system, the owners and construction units are the same as the insured, once the quality problems相关的主题文章:

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