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Did you break the child’s talents? Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual have each child bring a variety of talent in the world, is so colorful, but is distraught mostly in very young children, before bloom, will gradually wither. And look at the 6 characteristics of each child’s innate, and how they may be buried, how do we need to protect these gifts. In 1, every instinct of love with someone close, with some inherent knowledge, they are born to love, not to make some meaningful actions to love, just naturally, like the brain and behavior has been set as a connection, the instinctive reaction from the heart. Only love can produce love, let the children feel your unconditional love, to protect the child’s love. And put their dreams on the child, or the child as a display, is the child as a tool to meet their vanity, not true love. Love children, the most important thing is to respect the child, love their original appearance, so that they do their own. Children who get this love, the relationship with their parents will be very close, will be open to more and more people and relationships. They have endless enthusiasm and fun to explore, the ability to create a steady stream of inspiration, but also free and independent. They always can let people appreciate them from the bottom of my heart, because they are so loved, and they have become the people in this life, is your brain cells capacity 2, development of joy baby is amazing, and the connecting method still has unlimited potential. He came to the world every day to the nerve cells in the brain which connection is increasingly solid, which is gradually ignored, that is the ability of certain aspects of the development is good, but some aspects is relatively weak strength of the key — influence, is the child’s experience — he was approached by the stimulation, encourage and praise, will become a kind of brain signal reception and evaluation. A sense of security connection, so that children can explore freely and allow the child to be able to face any situation can be assured to experience, explore, is to establish a sense of security and family connections. A sense of security, not the old thinking focus on Mother’s skirt, they feel comfortable to explore around the size of the transaction, because they know that when you need help, they will be adults there. Passion is the fuel that affects the brain’s every new discovery, new cognition and ability, can in the minds of children a passion adult cannot imagine the enthusiasm, this is affecting the future development of the brain is more important "fuel" these "fuel" can enhance the activation of brain and emotional center, called neural plasticity conduction material things, they will be released as fertilizer, irrigation in brain neural network on inspiring enthusiasm. This is why children are particularly good at learning about things that interest them相关的主题文章:

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