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Weight-Loss For the past five years, I can honestly say that for me, diets have been a thing of the past. So is diet cravings. I have lost all my excess weight, I have regained my energy and I have kept the weight off for five years. It has changed my life forever In the past I had tried all the diets. I am a very persistent and patient woman. Yet, with all that hard work I got nothing but more fat. I can guarantee that you will not do better than I did. This is not a challenge it is my way of asking you to please stop dieting. Do not count your calories and do not look for hope in the next highly promoted guru diet. If a diet could ever work it would be a true miracle, we would all know about it and very soon weight problems would be eliminated. So let other, less intrepid people experiment on your behalf. You will know soon enough if they have any luck. In my personal pursuit of weight loss, I became an expert on almost every diet launched between 1984 and 2004. Two diets stand out. There was the 66% carbohydrate diet, known as the pyramid. The rule was simple; three serves of carbohydrates to one serve of protein. That was my first diet ever and it was the diet that sealed my fate. Much later, I was introduced to the low fat diet which seduced me and most other people into believing that the fat we consume is the same fat that sticks to our body. Although I knew that was not true, I was dazzled by the simplicity of the pseudo science that said if you stop eating fat you stop getting fat. Like everyone else, I went along for the ride. People like me, who have weight problems, will cling to the hope that the next diet will give a weight loss that will not .e back. This cannot happen. You see during the last thirty years, literately hundreds of diets have been launched all promising that elusive permanent weight loss. If just one single diet out of all those hundreds had fulfilled the promise, there would be no further need for a diet. So let me run this past you: To date no diet has ever existed that can produce a permanent weight loss. The hard efforts you put into dieting will always fail. That is because the weight always returns. To add insult to injury, each time your body returns to normal, you get some extra weight you did not have before That means your normal has be.e bigger than it was before. It is your body protecting you with extra insulation to guard against famine. Do you wonder what happened five years ago? Well, I had a flash of inspiration. I have always had a great interest and knowledge of history. With that background and my knowledge and experience with diets, I took a long hard look at my own circumstances and had what you might call a moment of clarity. Clearly, something very significant had happened to the human diet to cause people to change from a majority of slim healthy people, to a majority of fat, unhealthy people in just a few decades. It had all the hallmark of human intervention. So I f.ot everything I had ever been told about what people should eat. I devised an eating plan, not a diet because that would have meant fewer calories. I had learned from experience that when I reduce my calories my body reacts and slows down my metabolism. Our body has been designed to deal with famine and it has a ready response. It converts your carbohydrate into fat and stores it where you least want it. Letting yourself go hungry for extended periods will send a famine signal to your body. A little over five years ago, I implemented my own plan. It was meant just for me because no one else in my family suffers from weight problems and I did not want anyone else to take part in what was then just an experiment. In a very short time, I went from a little over 80kilos, the biggest I had ever been, to 64 kilos which had been my regular weight before my thyroid problem. I have hovered between 64 and 65 kilos ever since. I suddenly discovered that my diet cravings had disappeared. Someone suggested I write down exactly how it happened, what I did, and how I have stayed slim ever since. So early this year, That is exactly what I did. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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