Do chicken ribs with tears to Nikon Nikon 1 Series anti camera production-punyu

Do chicken ribs with tears to the Nikon 1 series Nikon discontinued anti camera to say who dominate the anti camera market now, SONY said his second, nobody said that he is the first. It can be said that SONY in the anti camera either marketing or product development are under the foot of the capital, but it also gives the other camera manufacturers bring great pressure. For example, Nikon is planning to shut down the Nikon 1 series no camera. In order to anti camera with SONY and Canon EOS M series competitors confrontation, Nikon launched a series of 1 anti camera products, but with SONY in the anti camera market increasingly powerful, Nikon obviously feels out of. According to foreign media reports Ubergizmo, Nikon is considering the production of this series of no camera. Allegedly, although Nikon tried to seize the 1 series – camera market share, but in the face of every year to launch many new products of SONY, and Fuji, OLYMPUS, Canon and many other rivals, the 1 series is a matter of price or performance has no absolute advantage. I don’t know if you remember the latest release of the Nikon 1 series. The last time we saw Nikon released the new 1 series of anti camera is also in early 2015, and now more than a year later, Nikon does not seem to continue to update this series of plans. All the signs indicate that the anti camera market, Nikon seems to be going to surrender. After all, with the rise of the anti camera, now SLR camera market is not easy to maintain, Nikon may also have weakness in two ease market.相关的主题文章:

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