Do not break the on the first day of work; look at these cars in the configuration of the

On the first day of work don’t break   see God configuration – car — original title: these vehicles don’t work on the first day of the car crash at these God configuration holiday first day back to work, whether it is the holiday sequela of the fatigue, or traffic jam brought anxious, let a person be tired out, then you may wish to look at those magical configuration on the car, practical and interesting, for your car to bring to life a little surprise and delight. With the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, you may feel that I am indeed, when a commonplace talk of an old scholar, we haven’t had time to study and understand the VR, it has to be applied in the automotive field, more new technology began to "invasion" of the automobile industry, and is rapidly converted to the user can buy the configuration. Like unmanned, whether it brings convenience to us, or the future of the forward-looking, will undoubtedly become an inevitable trend. Today, we take a good inventory, the car actually have those God configuration. Streaming media has the rearview mirror configuration models recommended: Cadillac CT6 manufacturers guide price: 43.99-81.88 yuan the highest discount: 90 thousand yuan Cadillac CT6 equipped with the industry’s first high-definition streaming super wide-angle rearview mirror, 10 inch high-definition rearview mirror screen, 80° ultra wide angle; wide rear view, than the ordinary rearview mirror view up to three times, the streaming video rearview mirror, through which drivers can filter the interference factors of the car, can be automatically adjusted according to the change of ambient light, to achieve the best image effect. In addition, the driver can also restore the status of the traditional rearview mirror through the switch button at the bottom of the rearview mirror. In appearance, the Cadillac CT6 will design language American bold upgrade, straight waterfall type adaptive non direct light type LED lamp with 208 LED light, whether by day or night, have very good visual effect, and can according to the vehicle speed and steering range adjustment active lighting direction, can be said to be a "a logical" headlight. Tail light is also a LED light source, after a strong degree of identification. The car gives a strong sense of business luxury, into the car, this feeling will be more intense. As a set of numerous black technology in a luxury car, the CT6 configuration is very rich, such as 12.3 inch full-color personalized customized LCD digital dashboard display function, complex, such as tire pressure, speed speed, compass and so on. In addition, a gimmick of intelligent infrared night vision system is CT6, which integrates the intelligent detection function, size, speed, intelligent type to distinguish objects, and the speed and path of real-time analysis of the motion of the object, in 80 meters of infrared detection and early warning. For the back, CT6 also did not ignore, in the back with a single screen entertainment system, screen size is 10.4 inches, then the row entertainment system can display DVD images, browse the web, also supports more than and 60 television programs. Power, Cadillac CT6 a total of 2.0T and 3.0TT two engines for consumer choice, of which 2相关的主题文章:

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