Do not cut the car about the foot of the taxi

Do not cut the car about the foot of the foot of the taxi fit, Xinhua News Agency reported that the network about the Interim Measures for the management of the car announced the upcoming full moon, but the development of local rules but slow pace. Recently, some places have been published about the network of car management rules of the draft, in the access threshold, operating mode to make strict restrictions, causing controversy. Public concern, the network will be on the road taxi management management. On the network about the local rules of car management, decentralization and honest, is the two issues of particular concern to the public. And these two requirements, the network about the car can not be cut off the network about the car’s foot fit taxi". First of all, the car is about to open the Internet is essentially open, shared genes of Internet products, which determines the network about the car industry can only take the free and open market path, but not to engage in the traditional total license control. Although the provisions of the Interim Measures for the management of network about cars, local governments on the net about vehicle access conditions, price, operation with independent decisions, but this is to take a unified and convenient place of local governance "principle, according to local conditions, not to fall into the administrative control dependence. The new car is about network, in order to improve the utilization rate of resources, solve the social public travel pain points for the purpose, but this is only the market regulation, the government should do, is in power to the market on the basis of good safety supervision. Can management ideas in some places to network about cars or too "traditional": such as the relevant rules of Lanzhou announced the provisions of Lanzhou, the number of network about cars will be maintained at around 3000, if the government pricing, the price is higher than the net about car taxi; also prohibit network about the car driver to work by shuttle passengers. Ji’nan version of the rules by the government to determine the price and then gradually transition to market regulation, and the vehicle is higher than the taxi. Some of these practices is in a departure from the "decentralization" principle, "about the car sharing network to the economic characteristics, so that it becomes the high version of the taxi, into a set of plan and market, neither an ass nor a horse in one of the freaks. Secondly, on the net about car blindly administrative control, but also easy to breed with the approval of the right to self corruption: Lanzhou network management rules about the car distribution network about cars is the number 3000, but now Lanzhou about more than 10 thousand cars in the car, master the administrative departments in charge of network about car transport certificate issued under the condition of right the number of rationing will leave, rent-seeking space. The lesson of the former: the history of Lanzhou is a taxi, taxi control history, including taxi quantity control etc.. Due to the regulation, it led to the frequent occurrence of taxi drivers strike in Lanzhou, as well as taxi management officials corruption. Yan Chenglu, former director of the Lanzhou Bureau of transportation in 2012 and director of the urban transportation management department, Mr Du Mingfei, has been convicted of corruption in their taxi licences. The wheel of the times trend forward, reversing is doomed to be difficult. In the face of shared economic trends, as managers, it should become a good share of the economic steering wheel, the new driver". Then the old way to control the old taxi management network about the car, is against the trend, but also doomed to problems.相关的主题文章:

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