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No work sometimes can not deduct wages wages must have a legal basis and the provisions of the contract for wages; annual wages; check wages; wages donation…… Recently, the Internet has been Tucao people suffered a variety of wages. Do not deduct wages, really is the employer said? NO! In fact, the deduction of wages unless there is a legal basis, legal rules or regulations of the enterprise contract, otherwise it is illegal, workers can not bear". The deduction of wages need to comply with the relevant standards of wages paid to say wages, have to pay. In life, the most common form of pay is time to pay. Including the monthly wage payment standards, the daily wage payment standards, hourly wage payment standards. At present, China’s implementation of 40 hours a week, working hours per day standard working hours system. Daily wage payment standard = 21.75 months basic salary, hourly wage = day wage of $8. According to the "labor right" principle, because workers leave the reasonable unit reason deduction of the wages paid to labourers must also meet the above criteria. Employee attendance, according to the monthly wage of total wages, employee absenteeism or overtime work, it should be daily wage garnishment or wages. Sick leave wages shall not be lower than the minimum wage of 80% employers and workers need to remind the special attention is that the unit and the workers signed a contract on the payment of wages shall not reduce the statutory wage payment obligations. The so-called statutory payment obligations, including in the legal provisions of the special circumstances, even if the workers did not provide the corresponding services, the employer should pay the corresponding wages. If during the employee’s annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, family leave, vacation pay. In order to prevent the production units to operate in the name, salary deduction of abuse of rights, legal regulations, units pay sick pay shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard 80%. The employer can deduct wages. In addition, "Interim Provisions" also stipulates the payment of wages, because laborer causes the unit to stop production, in a wage payment period, the employer shall pay wages to laborers in accordance with the provisions of the labor contract payment standard. If more than one wage payment period, if the worker provides normal labor, the remuneration paid to the laborer shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard. If workers do not provide normal labor, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Of course, these Provisions also means that because of the laborer, resulting in the workers in the statutory working hours or to provide normal labor in accordance with the law signed by the working hours of the labor contract, shall not be the minimum wage limit, the employer may according to the law on wages of workers "deduction" even in order to terminate the labor contract form, the abolition of the wage payment. According to CCTV network相关的主题文章:

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