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Don’t know Google glasses actually these smart glasses are also very good Tencent digital news (compiled: Human) Google Glass can be said to be the pioneer in the field of smart glasses, but now, it seems that Google Google Glass has been frozen up, temporarily encountered some difficulties. However, this does not mean that augmented reality glasses equipment has stopped developing, after all, after ten years, smart glasses users will go beyond the smart phone, becoming the mainstream wearable devices. AugmentedReality said that by 2020 smart glasses shipments will reach 1 billion, and in 2025 beyond the smart phone. Currently on the market there are still many smart glasses products, they can take photos and videos, navigation or face recognition, and even some products have begun to sell. So do not regret the disappearance of Google Glass for the time being, we can take a look at the market there are other types of smart glasses products are also very worthy of attention. LevelLevel is a vision health care company VSP Global joint research center, University of Southern California, developed a device, its target users are those who usually use Fitbit or Apple Watch users. From the outside, Level and ordinary glasses are basically no different, but it’s part of the lens legs to accommodate all of the tracking elements, can be used in conjunction with supporting applications to provide users with motion tracking. In daily wear, it will not bring any additional burden on the user. SolosSolos is a riding glasses, as a specially designed for riding enthusiasts to prepare smart glasses, Solos focus on the design of the intuitive and ergonomic. It is made of lightweight polycarbonate material, with a non slip ear and nose pads, the lens also supports regulation and replacement. Solos is equipped with a 4 mm Vista display, this translucent display of 5 inches to minimize glare, even in direct sunlight also has good readability. In addition, it also has an advanced voice extraction technology, when connected with a smart phone, Solos can display caller ID, notifications and social network alerts. If your mobile phone is connected to any ANT+ fitness tracker, it can also display the tracking data, including heart rate, pace, pace, distance and time. In addition, Solos stereo headphones can also provide users with periodic motion voice prompts, the volume can be automatically adjusted according to the background noise. Vuzix M300Vuzix M300 smart glasses is a Android 6 based on the Intel Atom processor smart wearable devices, monitors can be adjusted. M300 has a 13 million pixel camera, and a head tracker, 4 Android button, a two touch panel, GPS, voice control. This M300 is a specialized enterprise, industrial and medical fields to create smart glasses, but if the future if the enterprise market matures, but also slow!相关的主题文章:

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