Domestic Jeep new guidelines for interior details of the Guangzhou Auto Show debut (video)-yuria

The new guidelines for domestic Jeep interior details before the Guangzhou Auto Show debut, Jeep released a new Guangzhou Fick’s Guide (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) interior details. It is reported that as the free light (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and free man (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Guangzhou Fick Jeep launched third models, the new guidelines will be held in November 18th at the Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) officially released, and plans at the end of the year listed for sale. Read the following points, this paper is finished half: 1 is scheduled for the Guangzhou Auto Show debut, plans to market by the end of 2 and the free man; and the same Small-Wide modular platform to build on the 3; the overall shape is more close to the Grand Cherokee, gas is strong; 4 were equipped with 1.4T 2.4L engine, matched with the 9 speed automatic transmission. The home range of children in Europe and America SUV new Jeep guide to the lowest price of 170 thousand Jeep new Guangzhou Fick guide new guide and free man the same Small-Wide modular platform to build on, and can be realized with the free man production line. The overall shape of the car close to the Grand Cherokee, the front face of the iconic family seven hole grille chrome plating, and also with the grid connected headlight group. In addition, the car A column, roof and part of the rear door and other parts of the body color is different, the use of bright black treatment, dual color body visual effect is very beautiful. Came to the interior, the new guide who continued the Jeep family style interior design style, and provides four different interior color. In addition, the new guide is also equipped with a Uconnect 8.4 Live to support the online intelligent human-computer interaction system and the middle of the control panel in the middle of the location of the driving computer display. In addition, the new guidelines for the rear seat support 424, such as the combination of the seven fold, equipped with a panoramic sunroof makes the lighting effect becomes very good. The configuration, rich configuration includes automatic air conditioning, a key start and an electronic handbrake, are equipped with new models in the guide. The power system, the new guidelines will be equipped with the new 1.4T FIRE Multi-Air2 turbocharged engine, the engine uses a timing lift full time variable Multi-Air2 electronic hydraulic valve, the maximum output power of 121kW (165Ps), peak torque of 250Nm. In addition, the new car will provide 2.4L engine optional. The transmission part is matched with the 9 speed automatic transmission, and provide two drive and four-wheel drive two kinds of form for consumer choice.相关的主题文章:

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