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Domestic oil prices two rising private car to fill a box of oil need to spend 8 yuan – Beijing 2015-2016 domestic refined oil price adjustment of the previous. Source: Longzhong information Beijing Beijing, September 1, (Qiu Yu) 1, the domestic refined oil prices, ushered in the two rising". Affected by this, consumers increased fuel costs, ordinary car to fill a box of oil need to spend 8 yuan. According to the national development and Reform Commission notice, since September 1st at 24 o’clock, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices were increased by 205 yuan per ton and $200. Longzhong information measurement data show that this increase is equivalent to 90 gasoline rose 0.15 yuan, 93 gasoline rose 0.16 yuan, 97 gasoline rose 0.17 yuan, up 0.17 yuan No. 0 diesel oil. Daily economic news reporter noted that after the current round of price increases, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong and other nine provinces (No. 92) retail price of gasoline to return to the era of six yuan". In Beijing’s five No. 92 gasoline as an example, after the price adjustment, the maximum retail price from 5.89 yuan to 6.05 yuan rise. Affected by this, consumers will increase the cost of fuel. On private car owners, if a tank of 50L ordinary household car with gasoline 93, will increase the cost of 8 yuan. Large oil and gas transport vehicles fuel consumption costs will rise. To 100 km fuel consumption 40L, running 10 thousand kilometers per month truck, for example, after the price adjustment monthly fuel costs will increase by about $680. Gas station profit is expected to expand. Longzhong Information Analyst Zhang Meng said, because the main and pre mixing has raised gasoline and diesel wholesale price, the highest retail price increases, wholesale prices rose less than expected commission rate increases, when domestic gasoline and diesel wholesale and retail price difference will be expanded. She pointed out that at present, the main domestic gasoline wholesale and retail price difference of about 2200 yuan tons, diesel wholesale and retail price difference of 1700 yuan tons, at a higher position. In order to occupy a favorable position in the market competition, the main and private gas stations still attract customers by way of promotion. 2015-2016 international crude oil futures price chart. Source: Longzhong information by the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the next price adjustment window will open in September 18th 24. Many institutions predict that the possibility of oil prices three rising slightly. Longzhong Information Analyst Li Yan said that the current international crude oil prices, the next round of oil price adjustment will start a upward trend, but far less than the magnitude of the current round of opening. "The next round of oil price adjustment stranded or down the probability of large," he said, because of the recent decline in international oil prices, supply and demand and the strong dollar negative factors to suppress the price, and the production of frozen core positive early gains depends on is not stable. Information Analyst Hu Huichun said, during the year, the international oil price to $50 at the top of the pressure. By the end of the U.S. consumer spending, the Fed’s interest rate meeting to boost the dollar and other bad news, is expected in the next valuation cycle, Europe and the u.s.. "Under this drag, after the Mid Autumn Festival, domestic oil prices are expected to usher in a downward adjustment," Hu Huichun said相关的主题文章:

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