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Don’t destroy dumplings until 51 "Tomb notes" – Tongling people play games, 51! Suddenly the cooler weather and gloomy environment are tomb echoes, small series can not help but the clothes wrapped tight, as little as possible by the cold invasion, had not broken the dumplings until the heroic utterance is in the ear, but now this has "face of dumplings, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers" only sigh of creation! Don’t worry, 51 "Tomb notes" a new generation of psychic cross out of the political arena, but the dumplings have psychic nemesis, a magic weapon, the target point the day and await for it! 51 "Tomb notes" official website: psychic system does not extinguish until 51 dumplings "Tomb notes" – a psychic so shook the arena, I believe a lot of buddy early about the crystal clear, don’t ask me why I know that all methods can deal with the dumplings are unlikely to be spared. But do you really know the psychic system? Game player reaches level 90 to open the channel system, channel activation can get a lot of bonuses, get psychic is as easy as blowing off dust, but advanced channeling but to a lot of Kung Fu, advanced psychic values can be through the consumption of more advanced Dan channeling, channeling such higher order material consumption; when the channel reaches advanced full value, Tongling will get up the order, greatly enhance the activation of stats, the highest order can be up to 10 channels, the higher power attribute ascending order ascending is also higher, of course, is also easier to make dumplings! Don’t destroy dumplings until 51 "Tomb notes" psychic – as the saying goes, also need to appreciate the bole Chollima play their own brilliance, too, channeling how to fight, how the psychic attributes the play to the extreme, is the priority among priorities of all problems. Game player in psychic interface click on the play, Tongling will play against the mobs will get anger, rage filled can summon powerful psychic change, this is really a big game, game player will not only look after the channel turned into the corresponding psychic skills will also be replaced by the corresponding psychic skills. But there is a trick you may not know, when you activate the specified channel, will receive the talent, but can be added into attribute transformation characters of the psychic, is your strong power. Of course, psychic attributes can not be ignored, different channels have different properties, divided into the Jin Mu water fire and earth, fire attribute psychic attacks will cause metamorphosis fire damage, five injuries cannot be ignored defense, unusual defense relief, can only be five lines of defense cuts! See here, is not immediately feel confident, from the goal a step closer? Don’t destroy dumplings until 51 "Tomb notes" – psychic "Tomb notes" is authorized by Nanpai Sanshu genuine, 51 strong game operation of a ARPG web game. The game plot to restore the original height, has a complete view of the world, more integrated into the three exclusive content puzzle. On the basis of respecting the original game, perfectly reproduce the novel "seven Lu Palace", "paradise", "marsh snake ghost" and other classic scenes. Ten years of reincarnation, the bronze door will open again, the mystery of the final pending, the battle of the guardian will come.相关的主题文章:

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