Dota2 wings win foreign users can only open from the appearance of ” black “-ca4111

"DOTA2 WINGS" won the foreign friends only from the appearance of " black " Chinese "DOTA2" team WINGS from the NA world tournament after winning, well-known foreign forum reddit launched their discussion of how black, foreign friends from the hair and the name of the game player, ten interesting. The theme is that wings didn’t like him on the reddit, which was not done by the former champions. And then the water friends began to black: do not underestimate the ability of sunspots, they can always find the angle. Yes, do TMD wings, I do not love the hair too silly bean Xiaoming whip TM cock, I told him on the line ah (to export milk) the elderly (jump knife) is not suitable for playing dota (part of Dave unclear jump knife) Ming whip ugly teeth…… Don’t dry whip Whip – Ming Ming (233333) wings small game always let me ruin (there is a dog) why he had only two ice because he an ice every little more of a champion (my poor brother shrimp) easy to count that I call the ice, I can take the title of MLM three is too long not to turn over, taking foreign blow. The following simple: still have what good black I don’t love wings, because ti was unchanged after they took the fish I look down on the dry wings TMD wings, even with #%…… Don’t let NP win, I bet they don’t look%…… And a group of loser (otaku disgusting POI, saying what is Nakama otaku explain it) volunteers say: Wings game every day very hard, practicing several BO3, no matter win lose immediately, watching the video, they are very modest, even foreigners have found happiness within wings in the domestic competition. The performance of XX WINGS, ha ha ha, they never choose meterwave. There are some people who don’t like wings. People always think wings is a boring team, because they are the eight players, rather than singsing, so the cloth dog clown and forced to hold the Yongren bean silly posture, look like a threat (threat to Yongren, how dare you) so I don’t support him – the only explanation is that he is to embrace the EE, quietly threatened him, don’t let us hear his instructions –. I hope we can dive into EE’s ear, and heard him say: I will take out my heart Chinese so you can once again see him beating (sorry, this sentence is not in place, did not understand what meaning) isn’t wings let their girlfriend to do BP (2 said I don’t take this pot of ice a lot of small reply), just cut back interesting, a joy, and share the joy. "DOTA2" WINGS title (source: Ranger network editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for.相关的主题文章:

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