Double 11 first courier has reached 14 to 16, Nanning ushered in the peak courier-liuxiaobo

"Double 11" first express in Nanning has reached 14 to 16, ushered in the peak express "double 11" express the fastest day has reached November 11th at 3 pm, a car coming from Guangzhou SF EXPRESS truck arrived at the Nanning jade hole in transition, this is the same day at the order, the first arrival in order to "double 11" the package. About an hour later, more than 2 thousand parcels sent to Nanning city each SF and by courier outlets, on the day after delivery. SF EXPRESS Nanning transit total operating area of more than 1 thousand and 700 square meters, the city of Nanning is mainly responsible for the transport package. 6 in the afternoon, more than 70 employees are in line next to the orderly sorting package. "Today in the total amount is not a lot, about 83 thousand, about 10% more than usual." SF EXPRESS Nanning transit director Li Yongqian said that SF has reserves of 100~200 employees, will increase the human situation at any time according to the package. Compared with previous years, this year the "double 11" just met over the weekend, considering that some sellers will slightly delay delivery, Li Yongqian judgment, on Monday 14 should be connected with single peak, is expected in the period from 14 to 16, daily processing capacity of Nanning transit will reach 15~16 million. 3 when Xu Dida Yuantong express Guangxi branch operation center in Nanning the first batch of "double 11" package also in the afternoon, the operation center takes almost all Guangxi Yuantong transit business package. This time last year, just Taogang beam sorter work soon, "" double 11 "is really very busy, we usually one hour about sorting 1000 parcels," double 11 "at least to sorting 1500". Real time detection system has been running as far as possible, according to understand, there are currently 172 companies in Nanning have a courier license. On the eve of this year, double 11, Nanning post office began to try to run a new express real-time traffic detection system. City postal authority market supervision department staff said that this system can monitor the Lanshou delivery amount, total amount of data and single express enterprises, and can calculate the processing speed per hour or per second. In November 11th, the highest processing speed in the daytime was 32 pieces per second, and the peak processing capacity per hour was 110 thousand. At present, the system is still running, can monitor the data of the 11 cities express brand. The usual amount of processing city the day at about 1 million 200 thousand to about 1 million 500 thousand pieces, "double 11" during the period of at least two to three times, this also means that in the coming period, to about 80 parcels per second, per hour processing capacity of nearly 300 thousand.相关的主题文章:

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