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Driver’s license total of 12 points, 1 points to sell for $150, to sell or not to sell? Auto Sohu – I believe many people have heard of (even tried) in the violation, people get my driver’s license. Like some more accumulated points in scoring cycle period, or the seriousness of the violation is serious, the single points close to 12 points, will consider the use of someone else’s driver’s license to offset points. On the plus side have a lot of driving is not long, "the age" is a long old driver, they usually do not drive almost, get their driver’s license to cancellation right! Why you changed the chapter, can people get driver’s license points? Let’s take a look at what the law says. According to the new rules, in a scoring period for a driver’s license can be used up to three cars to fire; a car up to accept the 3 driver’s license cancellation. After all, the car is not necessarily the owner, if you violate the rules, you can use the other driver’s license to reduce points. However, this is a legal loophole behavior. Because of this "loophole" exists, there is also derived from a driver’s license points reselling business, whether it is online or found in the vehicle or the surrounding city auto parts all can help eliminate the "cattle," 1 200 pack fix!" And cattle will recover the driver’s license scores, as long as the driver’s license to give him, you have to make money. In fact, this behavior has been clearly defined as illegal acts of the Ministry of public security, regardless of whether to buy or sell points, once found, will be 5 to 10 days in administrative detention, and impose a fine of more than $500 to $200. In addition, between friends and relatives, borrow points, but also illegal, because it is the nature of the perpetrators and traffic people to find top package. But selling points are also at risk, to accidentally cattle pit, selling 6 results deducted 18 points, and himself in and knowledge of the situation, if you didn’t go to the "subject" exam in 15 days, once the scene and the equivalent of driving without a license. Even know, need to re test! In order to further improve the management, the traffic control department has also taken the dependent measures, such as the public security traffic management system for driver’s license, vehicle data monitoring, once found such as a driver’s license in a short time for car sales, or a car license sales by more than one classification, the system will automatically alarm, the traffic police department according to the alarm data, further verification and processing. In addition, the use of fingerprint collection instead of signature. In dealing with the capture problem, through the way of identification of fingerprint brush. The last brick TERT reminder: all I had for more than 3 different vehicle license plate pin points, or more than 3 drivers are the same vehicle license plate to accept illegal treatment, will be included in the list of key personnel suspected instead of accepting treatment. Once into the blacklist will be suspended traffic illegal processing business, and to investigate the alleged act of replacing the receiving. Consequences but can not be ignored. So, do not borrow points, not to sell points!相关的主题文章:

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