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Dual camera become the trend, iPhone water, SONY technology – Sohu follow up article / ray technology (public No.: leitech) according to foreign media reports, SONY chief financial officer Yoshida Kenichiro in the third quarter earnings conference call shortly before the said, SONY will launch in the dual camera platform for intelligent mobile phone may next year, it is also said that some manufacturers will this year is to test the water ahead. This means that in the SONY Xperia Z7 series models may appear on the dual cameras, SONY also mentioned "manufacturers to test the water ahead this year, SONY in the eyes of the opponent is Samsung, apple this year, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series is a single camera, then the sentence is likely to be the dual camera version will be launched in the hint 7 or iPhone. Before the news source said, iPhone 7 Plus one version may use dual cameras, and the supply chain’s news that Taiwan Largan, China, and Japanese camera manufacturers have begun to provide dual camera samples to apple for its test. SONY joined the "dual camera" ranks will undoubtedly be a good news, the current SONY in terms of image attainments is obvious to people, he added will undoubtedly help this kind of products further, can be said to usher in a strong R & D. Apple’s layout in the field of dual cameras is relatively early, in April last year, Apple bought the Israeli camera technology company LinX. The company has done a lot of research on mobile devices such as field imaging: two independent sensors two, four independent lens sensor has a four independent lens and the main camera + two auxiliary camera and so on, have good performance in speed and image quality. In addition, the lens assembly height is also lower than the current mainstream products, and this may also be the news that iPhone 7 lens will no longer highlight the reasons. In fact, in the familiar mobile phone brands launched the first dual camera manufacturer HTC, the HTC One M8 intelligent mobile phone is the earliest use of two cameras, and then the glory of HUAWEI 6 Plus, ZTE Axon 360 Extreme Edition, our mobile phone etc.. These phones use dual cameras, mostly in order to enhance the imaging effect and bring some interesting functions. But this technology is not very mature, compared with the single camera upgrade is not large, it may be the reason for the popularity of this kind of technology is not. In SONY, apple these "game player" launched dual camera equipment, so that the camera technology may be able to spread, one is because the technology is relatively mature, the two is that you know — follow suit. (cover map comes from: ravepubs)

双摄像头成趋势,iPhone试水,索尼跟进-搜狐科技   文/雷科技(公众号:leitech)   据外媒报道,索尼首席财务官吉田健一郎在不久之前的第三季财报电话会议上表示,索尼在明年可能会推出针对智能手机的双摄像头平台,其还表示今年有些厂商将会是提前试水。   这意味着在索尼Xperia Z7系列机型上可能会出现双摄像头,同时索尼还提到“今年有厂商提前试水”,在索尼眼中对手通常是三星、苹果,今年三星的Galaxy S7系列肯定是单摄像头,那么这句话很有可能是在暗示iPhone 7或将推出双摄像头版本。之前有消息人士表示,iPhone 7 Plus其中一个版本可能会使用双摄像头,且有供应链方面的消息称,台湾大立光电、中国大陆和日本的镜头厂商已经开始向苹果提供双摄像头样品供其测试。      索尼加入“双摄像头”行列无疑会是一个好消息,当下索尼在影像方面的造诣是有目共睹的,他的加入无疑会帮助这类产品更进一步,可以说是迎来了一个强有力的研发者。   苹果在双摄像头领域布局也是比较早的,在去年4月苹果就收购了以色列摄像头技术公司LinX。这家公司在移动设备成像领域做了很多研究,例如:两个独立传感器两颗独立镜头、四颗传感器四颗独立镜头以及主摄像头+两颗辅助摄像头等等,在对焦速度和成像质量上都有不错的表现。另外,其镜头组件的高度也低于目前的主流产品,这或许也是有消息称iPhone 7的镜头将不再突出的原因。      其实,在大家比较熟悉的手机品牌中最早推出双摄像的厂商是HTC,其HTC One M8是最早采用双摄像头的智能手机,随后还有华为的荣耀6 Plus 、中兴 Axon至尊版、360奇酷手机等等。这些手机采用双摄像头大都是为了提升成像效果以及带来一些趣味性功能。      不过这个技术目前来说还不是十分成熟,相比单摄像头的提升也不大,这或许是这类技术没有普及起来的原因。在索尼、苹果这些大“玩家”推出双摄像头设备后,这样的摄像头技术或许就能普及,一个是因为技术相对比较成熟了,二个就是你懂的――跟风。   (封面图来源于:ravepubs)相关的主题文章:

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