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Each September 9th gold news at a glance: Shenzhen gold and gold association mutual mutual association of wits? Shenzhen gold market supervision bureau was a member of chamber of Commerce to challenge the defection of Shenzhen Internet Financial Association in the name of the organization sent a letter to the market supervision bureau, part of the membership is not Renzhang, that he is to be represented, and the chamber of Commerce on the surging news that members of the "defection" is the Shenzhen Association of Internet financial arrangements. In September 7th, Shenzhen Internet Financial chamber of Commerce who told the surging news that the "joint statement" is the leading Internet Financial Association of Shenzhen City, for the two organizations 12 member units signed together, and the chamber of Commerce members withdraw. The source said that at present, under the mediation of the relevant government departments, the matter will subside subsided. [news] surging bank depository bank, recently issued a plan or platform is still waiting for the Interim Measures for the supervision and administration from the CBRC issued after only half a month time, the number of net loan platform has begun to accelerate the rectification, registration, adjustment of products, interest rates and so on. A number of platforms have said that the current platform is under regulatory measures to adjust the business, to achieve regulatory requirements in the 12 months of rectification period. However, the net loan loan ceiling and bank funds into a platform to adjust the difficulty of the business, and in addition to the bank funds is also reported that the project will be launched in the near future, banks and platforms are still waiting. [new] to express bank output risk control technology of Internet consumer financial institutions foresight with the rise of technology finance, Internet consumer financial institutions and bank cooperation, not only in the field of funds depository. Recently, Wilson and Huarui bank, Fubon Jinke Huayi bank cooperation, the latter output of consumer finance risk control management. In the number of people in the industry view, consumer banking institutions and banks to share the risk control technology, is undoubtedly a win-win situation. [21 century economic report] report: Consumer Finance Department of the bank is still the market leader in September 8th, "2016 China consumer finance industry report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") and consumer finance 50 list released for the first time. Report analysis pointed out that with the change in the consumption structure, accelerate the pace of consumer spending, Pratt & Whitney consumer credit gradually increased, is expected in 2017, accounting for 12%. At the same time, the report for China’s consumer financial markets, the main participants and their business models were sorted out that the banking sector is still the dominant consumer finance market. [net home loan] jingfangxingju 7 intermediary Department of malicious rumors Shanghai mortgage new deal according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog @ police train – Shanghai on September 8th news, in order to promote the sales of personal property, real estate intermediary staff deliberately fabricated and spread on the network since September, the city will implement the purchase of credit deal rumors the cause of the real estate market is not stable. The evening of September 6th, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau organized forces investigation, 7 malicious fabricated, spread rumors related to the people involved were arrested in one fell swoop, has been under criminal detention according to law. Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog Telecom fraud accounted for nearly half of the financial fraud in the north of Guangzhou, the most rampant in September 7th, 360 Internet Security Center released the "China Telecom fraud situation analysis report," said in 2016.相关的主题文章:

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