Enjoy The Perfectly Tailored Desert Safari In Dubai-sweets parade

Travel-and-Leisure Desert Safari is known to be one of the most adventurous and popular tours of Dubai. While in desert safari one can experience the tour of most amazing deserts making it a lifetime experience. This trip leaves a mark in the memory for a lifetime and it gets really difficult to forget this experience. This experience can be deemed as a wonderful dream one can ever imagine. Going to Dubai and not having the experience of Desert safari is something like standing beside a warm river and not bathing in it. So with the expert tour guides, you can get the most amazing and thrilling experience which one can never forget. The excitement begins from the time when one of the expert tour guide .es and picks up the tourists from the destined place or hotel in a special 4*4, and brings them to the exciting adventure of deserts. While on way the tour guide will explain everything about the deserts and the surrounding areas. So in this way you will not miss anything that is even on the way and you will be given detailed information about your trip and any necessary precaution that may need your consideration while on the tour. Once on destination the first great adventure starts with a roller coaster drive which is one of the most popular drive on sand and is also known by the name of Dune bashing or sand Bashing. This amazing experience will last for about 45 minutes. Once done with this one can also have an excited ride on the desert camels, who will bring you to have a different view of the deserts. After the exciting camel rides, you will be brought to experience the most beautiful sunset on earth. The famous point on the desert where one can experience this sunset is also known as Sunset view point. After you are through with this, another level of excitement wel.es you in the desert camp wel.ing you with special desert dates, coffee, tea and a variety of unlimited soft drinks. This refreshment brings back life to ones body and soul. Not only this our expert Heena artists will be eagerly waiting for the ladies to decorate them with special Heena designs and men at the same time can have the opportunity of enjoying the famous and relaxing Sheesha pipe which they might have been longing for. Later in the evening another most exciting experience is followed with a 5 star BBQ menu which is specially prepared with Arabic spices and the mouth watering dishes will for sure make you dream about heaven. Not only this the dinner will be enhanced by various famous belly dancer who will make you dance to their tunes. The calm night in the deserts coupled with Arabic music is something everyone will love to savor and will be the most wonderful experience one can ever imagine. With the night .ing to an end, the drivers will add a thrill to the tour by driving and finding their way in night and dropping you back to the hotels to begin dreaming. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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