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Arts-and-Entertainment Drinking wine, particularly red wine, has numerous health and wellness benefits. Maybe you have noticed that many French women are slim? That’s because their diet includes at least a glass of red wine. Moreover, several studies revealed that drinking one glass of wine every day can be healthy for the heart, because of the wine’s antioxidants and resveratrol. Certainly, you don’t want to sip wine in a mug, right? That’s not stylish and elegant. Wine is a luxury drink that you must pay respect by enjoying each sip with essential wine accessories for women. Read on to learn more about wineglasses, decanters, openers, chillers, collars, and many more. Wine Glasses Wine Glasses (some prefer them to call goblet) is a glass with a stem. That is if you don’t know it yet or you haven’t seen one, which is very unlikely. However, only few know that a certain type of goblet must be used for a particular type of liquor. Basically, a goblet with a wider mouth is used for red wine. This is not only a matter of style, because a wider mouth can allow more air to swirl the scent and flavor. Meanwhile, other goblets such as those with small mouth are used for champagne. Using the right glass is very crucial if you want to take pleasure with every sip of your wine. Decanters Decanters are special vessels for serving wine, in which the whole liquor from the bottle can be stored. This is not just to transfer the wine from one bottle to a more stylish bottle. This is important for the aeration of the wine and to allow settlement of the sediments in the wine. Aeration is crucial to make the wine taste better because of the wine’s contact with oxygen. The wine is normally stored in the decanter for several hours before it is consumed. A decanter also makes it easy to pour wine, and because it is usually made of crystal clear glass, the wine also looks elegant and brilliant while on display. Collars Collars are basically serviette that is wrapped around the neck of the bottle to avoid excessive dripping. Beyond this function, it can also effective in absorbing the condensation on the bottle, which provides a better hold because it avoids slipping of the wine bottle. Wine Coolers Wine coolers, also known as chillers, are obviously used to chill the wine. However, they are often used for rose wine or sparkling wine, because these are better served chilled. You can easily store a wine in a large refrigerator or a small bucket filled with ice. But there are some specialized chillers with advanced automatic features. Wine Openers As the name implies, these accessories are used to open wine bottles easily. However, there are different types of wine openers available. A common type if the corkscrew with its swirly screw used to push and twist the cork and pull out using a lever. Meanwhile, there are also sophisticated wine bottle openers that use automatic screw process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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