European Times Tiangong two equipped with Chinese culture and rational thought in Beijing-plants war

European Times: Tiangong two equipped with China culture and rational thought – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, the French "European Times" recently commented that just the successful launch of Tiangong two is the first real space laboratory China manned space engineering, responsible for validation of future space station technology task. From the mid autumn moon of the day, Chinese entered the heavyweight spacecraft in the most intensive one hundred days: the Tiangong two orbit; Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft launch and docking with the sky No. two; Long March five high thrust rocket first shot. According to the manned space "three step" development strategy, which marks China’s implementation of the space laboratory and the key stage of the convergence of the space station. The article said that the modern scientific sense of space exploration activities, Chinese started late than Russia and europe. Since September 21, 1992 the implementation of the manned space engineering China, let the world see an epic blockbuster launch manned space: in 1999, the first unmanned experimental spacecraft Shenzhou 1; on 2003, Yang Liwei driving the Shenzhou five spacecraft into space, becoming the first Chinese astronaut; 2005, Shenzhou six, the realization of people flying; 2007, Chang’e-1 satellite launch; 2008, Shenzhou seven astronauts emerged from the capsule; 2011, Shenzhou eight successfully docked Tiangong-1; in 2013, the Shenzhou ten spacecraft carrying three astronauts into Tiangong-1 again to carry out scientific experiments. It is pointed out that China has achieved a lot of achievements with its high efficiency and more open attitude in the process of spanning a whole generation. Younger, more and more large and active gold generation China space is the common cause of the force of human exploration of the universe. Europe’s space powers are facing increasing budgetary pressure, prompting the European Space Agency to consider the possibility of sharing space projects with Beijing. This gamma Tiangong two equipped with storm detection equipment, which is jointly developed with the Swiss China. The article said that people have reason to look forward to such cooperation more widely and more deeply, let the "heaven", "Shenzhou" "send the yearning, and beauty, and innovation, cooperative spirit of the times" successful rendezvous and docking". As the European Space Agency Director Werner said: the Chinese is pragmatic and other non-traditional partners into a more human exploration platform initiatives, only let China participation from different countries to the spacecraft in space together.相关的主题文章:

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