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Expert: monetary policy space is not due to the price downward open — Finance — original title: experts: monetary policy is not because of price down to open the National Bureau of statistics released on the 2016 data show that in August the national consumer price index (CPI) rose 1.3%, or hitting a year low. Experts said that food prices fell sharply especially pork price is the main reason causing the decline of CPI, September price data or will rebound, the future CPI will maintain a stable monetary policy, will not open because of the downward pressure on prices and. National Bureau of statistics city division Senior Statistician Yu Qiumei said, CPI rose 0.5 percentage points lower than last year, mainly due to food prices fell more than the same period last year. In August last year, food prices rose 1.6%, the highest since 2011 rose, raise the comparison base in August of this year, this month, food prices rose only 1.3%, 2 percentage points lower than last month, directly affect the CPI rose last month, down 0.38 percentage points. From the specific project, pork prices rose 6.4%, 9.7 percentage points lower than last month; egg prices fell 7.4%, a decline of 5.4 percentage points last month to expand; fresh fruit prices rose 0.5% from last month dropped by 0.6%. Bank chief economist Lian Ping believes that the decline in food prices is the main reason for the CPI decline, especially pork prices ushered in the downward phase, rose gradually decreased. Pork prices fell into the ring after entering in August, pig grain prices fell to about 9.3 fluctuations, the average price of piglets and live pigs fell to $46.7, $18.6 kg. He said that with the Mid Autumn Festival and eleven holiday approaching, the weather turned cold, rising demand for food, food prices may rise slightly. In the absence of strong stimulation of monetary policy, liquidity again push the overall high possibility of CPI is small, but the tight supply and demand of food prices may be rising stage. Future CPI operation will be basically stable, there is no obvious inflation or deflation pressure. Monetary policy, Haitong Securities analyst Jiang Chao believes that in August the central bank to restart the repurchase of 14 days instead of quasi reverse, which means that monetary policy easing short-term delay. The current expansion of the real estate bubble, the Fed rate hike at the end of the probability is still high, are relaxed monetary policy constraints. But in August, a significant decline in inflation means that there is no room for tightening policy, monetary policy is expected to remain neutral in the future, the short term is difficult to loose tight. China Merchants Securities chief macroeconomic analyst Xie Yaxuan also said that although inflation is expected to fall, but the monetary policy space is not open. Inflation is expected to rise, and the magnitude of PPI uplink is still faster. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章:

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