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Family Travel: Jingxi "small Tibet", a late – Sohu maternal Jingxi "small Tibet", the late autumn tours: A Fang "late autumn", is a woman, a song, but also a period of time, a scene. Over the weekend, all the friends meet, we go to the West Beijing "small Tibet" tour in late autumn. The so-called "small Tibet", refers to the southwest of Beijing Fangshan Puwa township. Away from the capital here, few people tread. High and steep terrain, surrounded by mountains, at an elevation of 407-1870 meters, Beijing is known as the "small Tibet" say. When I go out, six in the morning, the sky is not bright. Small Z with headlights, playing stealth, coming out of the game, this seems to be the last week "body changes" (a magic show) to the wonderful. Along the way, we passed Tanzhe Temple. A monk stands in the middle of the bus station, forming a landscape. Pu wa from the city car kilometers, an hour, we arrived at the destination. The main path of the trip through the flower bed. Hwadae scenic area belongs to the Fangshan World Geological Park Puwa Park, it is said that this spring flowers in full bloom, abundant spring, summer, autumn colorful green everywhere, a wild profusion of vegetation, cenglinjinran, winter snow, grow more enchanting. This time we came to the late autumn and early winter. You can just get off, overlooking the mountains, is worthy of the "small Tibet"". The distance and ridge well-proportioned, impish placed at random, and indestructible. Here the travel facilities relatively complete, step road paved, winding on the ridge. On both sides of the road are steel railings, there is no danger. Green, yellow, in the eyes of spreading. Smooth curve, is a masterpiece of nature; layers of terraced fields, is the crystallization of labor. The children explore the mysteries of nature as cheerful as a lark, a tireless. Our line of backpackers has become the embellishment of the silent mountains. Along the way, we can see the hard work of the local people. Compared with them, we climb a mountain is not what is said hyun. On the way back, we met again on the village hall. Here is "without the Communist Party there would be no new Chinese" songwriting, called "sing the place. The martyrs relics display memorial hall, memorial hall is opposite to the huge flag with a high mountain. In the musician’s home, we have witnessed a sense of when the soldiers of the pro Life scene. It was getting late, we go back to the city. Home, have moon hanging in the sky, it is going to break, one day. I wrote in the back of the child’s bed posted a suburban Beijing traffic map, we found a "gap"". Our eyes see is such a big end punctuate the minds of emerging is the day to see magnificent, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls. In November 14, 2016 a public subscription number, happy parent-child reading (xingfuqinziyuedu), Fang for you to share good books, educational articles, and you exchange the original parental perception, welcomed the attention. :)相关的主题文章:

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