Fategrand order animation aired at the end of 2016-splitit

Fate Grand Order some animation at the end of 2016 in the afternoon Fate GrandOrder news broadcast the news of animation, this evening, FGO   Fate EXTELLA offering special commemorative   Nico live conference FGO announced a wave of news, including the game player’s long-awaited seventh chapter storyline with the letter, and game system update in the conference, the official is directly announced that FGO will broadcast animation at the end of 2016 a long. But for FGO Lisha seiyuu Tian animation company is not a ufotable shield Niang didn’t return. In today’s conference was first announced in March this year to confirm the animation of the Fate Extra animation will be aired on 2017, Fate Extra animation will be responsible for the specific production of SHAFT. To commemorate   Fate; EXTELLA FGO on sale, conventional plot to join the new interlude story and mission, let game player long-awaited let Kinoko Nasu restrain desire not to touch Persona5 FGO seventh chapter story will be in December this year in the game with a formal letter. At the same time in 2015 FGO Christmas activities will be re engraved (estimated to be engraved card), Christmas activities will be held in 2016. FGO’s first Japanese national event will be held in December, the national service this version is a year away. The focus is on the FGO’s special time animation will be at the end of 2016 as TokyoMX animation broadcast in this special time press conference officially announced, FGO animation is a goo da man and shield mother as the protagonist, goo Da only silently in the corner crying child, the man recognized as the goo name is Fujimaru Tachika, the name. The Japanese pronunciation can correspond to F pills (examples) G () O (~ three in) English letters, this official is also well intentioned. Goo Da male seiyuu is well-known seiyuu industry in the FGO African game player krypton gold Shimazaki Nobunaga, and the shield mother anime seiyuu is Takahashi Li in the FGO game, before the shield mother seiyuu announced from the replacement for the sand pear farm in Gaoqiao Li, it seems from the farm work or no return law. Ayako Kawasumi pet   Olga Mary, harmed to just voice, by Rome, Nigeria, mieze dubbing, Ajman voiced by Suzumura Kenichi, voiced by Sugita Tomokazu Professor Ralph, except for Olga Mary, the current public radio drama version and role seiyuu and game version of consistent voice. FGO animation features some animation produced by the "MAGI" the adventures of Sinbad animation production company responsible for the production of Lay-duce animation, Borideng Zhi is difficult supervision "animation supervision MINI 4WD", has been engaged in the work of drawing storyboard draft script, Sekine (pillow man animated series step, character design (Gotou Keisuke formation) WUG animation general painting supervision). At the end of last year, "Macross" the first word is used as a fan of animation in the TokyoMX broadcast, this year is FGO, in the next FateHF line;相关的主题文章:

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