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Feeling smooth, but that is because of what these words, the heart will light reading – Sohu (WeChat: luyuexinli) compound emotion and emotional management expert, help you improve your EQ, manage marriage happiness. This Saturday, continue to recommend some English quotations from Lu Yue teacher micro-blog. I hope you like them! When you don’t have enemies inside you, the outer enemy can’t hurt you. · · · follow your heart, but take your brain with you. · · · upgrade your language, not your volume. It’s the rain that keeps the flowers open, not the thunder. — Rumi · · · when you start to see your value, you will find it hard to stay in those who do not see the value of your people. · · · a relationship is like a house; when you break a light bulb, you’re not going to buy a new house, but to fix the light bulb. · · · "I don’t miss him; I’m missing the person I thought he was."." · · · in marriage, it’s very likely that we’re not going to be all right, so we have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and really put in some effort. · · · we sometimes think we want to disappear, but what we really want is just to be found. · · · heels should be high, head should be raised, and your standard is higher. · · · if you don’t change anything, then nothing will change. · · · Good night. — THE END — [heart] help compound emotion experts and emotional management of teachers to accompany you to the efficient handling of emotional problems help you have happiness if you need any help or have any questions in the growth, please contact our assistant micro signal: xinzhizhuxl

感情顺利,不过就是因为参透了这些话丨轻悦读-搜狐      心之助(微信:luyuexinli)   情感复合和情绪管理专家,   帮你提高情商,驾驭婚恋幸福。      这个周六,   继续为大家推荐   从卢悦老师微博中精选的一些英文语录,   希望你们喜欢!      当你内在没有敌人了,外在的敌人也就无法伤害到你了。   ···      跟随你的内心走,但还要带上你的头脑。   ···      提升你的语言,而非你的音量。是雨露让鲜花生长开放,而非隆隆雷声。――鲁米   ···      当你开始看到自己的价值时,你就会发现很难再待在那些看不到你价值的人身边了。   ···      一段关系就像是一幢房子,当坏了一个灯泡的时候,你不是离开去买一座新房子,而是要把灯泡修好。   ···      “我不是思念他,我是思念我曾经认为他是的那个人。”   ···      在婚姻中,很大的可能是我们不会一切顺利,因此我们必须愿意卷起袖子,真正投入一些努力。   ···      我们有的时候认为我们想要消失,但其实我们真正想要的只不过是被找到。   ···      鞋跟要高,头要抬高,你的标准更要高。   ···      如果你什么也不改变,那就什么都不会改变。   ···   Good night.      ――THE END――   【心之助】   情感复合专家和情绪管理师   陪你高效处理情感问题   助你在成长中拥有幸福   如需任何帮助或有任何疑问,请联系我们   助理微信号:xinzhizhuxl相关的主题文章:

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