Finally hit the! Your name. Production Committee piracy

Finally hit the! Your name. "Production Committee" piracy crackdown your name. "Is a Japanese animation director Makoto Shinkai film, by Kamiki Ryunosuke, a white stone beginning sound as the main voice work. The film in a short time has led to a viewing frenzy, a record of billions of yen at the box office results. But pirated movies are also online crazy pass, for your name. The production committee has finally started to deal with piracy. To go to the cinema to watch a film has become one of the many ways for the public to enjoy themselves. But there are still a lot of friends because of a variety of reasons, and choose to watch pirated movies online. Because of your name. "A lot of people have been watching this movie in japan. It is pirated video online crazy pass, some students not only watch pirated, even to pleased with oneself on Twitter to talk openly about the illegal behavior of the watch. Piracy and other acts of madness, "your name. The official body has finally taken steps. Your name. The production committee has set up a "copyright official twitter", and once Twitter users are posted on the website, they will leave a message and give a warning. The twitter account registration not long, it is actively for the posting of pirated video website account warning, and asked users to delete the relevant tweets. Not only that, your name. In addition to the support of the fans, the copyright owner also urged everyone not to watch any illegally uploaded films. Pirated movies will cause great damage and damage to the film, and now the domestic release has also been identified, if really like your name. Why don’t you go to the cinema? So we can see this film director Makoto Shinkai’s favorite, to work harder to launch a new movie. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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