For Apple ticwatch watch 2 siri- Apple about the science and technology

For Ticwatch Watch 2 Siri- Apple apple did not mention the Sohu technology 2016 Apple’s new fall conference, Apple Corp issued a "best in the history of Apple’s mobile phone iPhone7 and apple watch Apple Watch 2. This is a cross-border joint Hermes, Nike Nike, launched Apple watch series 2, apple watch (stainless steel section) Nike + (Apple Watch, Nike sport) Hermè s (Apple, Watch, Hermes watchband) Edition (ceramic case models). Apple Watch 2 waterproof performance has improved, with an independent GPS function, you can go out without a mobile phone. Finally, Apple Watch 2 (iWatch2) this product was released two years of attention, the price of 2888 yuan. In addition to waterproof and motor function improvement, but for Apple was proud of the Siri, Apple executives on the Apple Watch 2 did not mention. Why because Siri’s core team members have left, the development of a few Siri street Viv. Viv voice assistant is the founder of Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus in May 2016 launched the entrepreneurial project, using the way and almost the same as with Siri Siri. The biggest improvement in the Viv, is to connect more life service companies, such as Uber, moving mouth that can call the car, and Ticwatch2 voice similar. Viv and Siri, the father of the so-called Viv "connect more life service company" means to move the mouth that can achieve tangible services, rather than just a message. For example, booking a hotel, called Uber car, ordering flowers – these three is the founder of the Dag Kittlaus Viv conference in the content of Demo Viv. In addition to this, compared to Siri, Viv’s ascension also includes statements that can be more specific. For example, when tomorrow at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, near Wudaokou, the temperature will be lower than 25 degrees? "Said here that the statement can be more specifically to identify more key words in the sentence and find the most reasonable explanation from the knowledge of the final docking corresponding service or query the appropriate information". Obviously, Viv is not as simple as Siri assistant. The Viv team defines it as a "universal brain" (Global Brain). Even, the whole team to Viv more practical, but also eliminates the Siri chat function, focusing on the task. Apple’s artificial intelligence how to progress Apple Watch 2 generation smart watches are limited to the screen, so Apple watches Apple Watch 2, Ticwatch2 and other smart watches are added.相关的主题文章:

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