Forest Police after the black bear bites villagers, according to regulations killed-bleep

Forest Public Security: the black bear bites after villagers killed in accordance with regulations of Forest Public Security: the black bear bites after villagers killed in accordance with regulations on November 8th in the afternoon, the WCC reporter contacted the Leibo County Forest Public Security Bureau, a responsible person told the reporter, it happened in the morning of November 2nd at about 9. At that time, a black bear down the mountain, came to Leibo County Rural Township shop village, the villagers Yin Xingping’s right leg bites, some villagers use sticks to pry the black bear’s mouth, he escaped unharmed, is still hospitalized. The incident is the place where the local students go to school, the situation is urgent. After receiving the alarm, Leibo County Forestry Bureau, forest police and other departments rushed to the scene disposal. As the black bear threat to the villagers’ lives, in order to prevent further wounding, after reporting to the Liangshan Forestry Bureau and the Sichuan forestry department, the local government decided to kill the black bear according to relevant regulations. Because there are too many onlookers around the village, the use of firearms is dangerous, and then use the stick to kill the black bear. The black bear is killed, in order to avoid the bear and bear paws and other products into the market, and to bear the corpse incineration took place after treatment of buried, there is no "roasted alive villagers saying" black bear. Huaxi Dushi daily client reporter Xu Xiangdong Yang Xue

森林公安:黑熊咬伤村民后依规击毙   森林公安:黑熊咬伤村民后依规击毙   11月8日下午,华西都市报记者联系上了雷波县森林公安局,一名负责人告诉记者,此事发生在11月2日上午9点左右。当时,一只黑熊下山,来到雷波县中田乡店子村,将村民尹兴平的右腿咬伤,有村民用棍棒撬开黑熊的嘴,他才逃过一劫,至今还在住院。而事发地,是当地学生的上学途经之地,情况紧急。   在接到报警后,雷波县林业局、森林公安等部门赶赴现场处置。由于黑熊对村民生命造成威胁,为防止继续伤人,在向凉山州林业局、四川省林业厅上报之后,当地依据相关规定,决定对黑熊予以击毙。因周围围观村民太多,使用枪支存在危险,后使用木棒将黑熊击毙。   黑熊被击毙后,为避免熊胆、熊掌等熊制品流入市场,于是对黑熊尸体采取了就地焚烧后掩埋的处理措施,并不存在村民“活剥火烤”黑熊的说法。   华西都市报客户端记者 徐湘东 杨雪相关的主题文章:

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