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Business Internet users are growing exponentially. Every new day new users are adding to it. In India itself there are 233 million Internet users are there. People look for Internet for selling or buying things. Traditional from of business where buyers are sellers meet face to face is taking back seat. Now everything is conducted via Internet. Internet plays immense role in business transactions. This is technological turbulent world everyone is busy in its own way. We dont want to waste pour time in doing those things, which are easily available on net. Whatever we search we look out in Internet to get that piece of information. Internet activity is not limited here only, we also transact via net. A lot of business dealing takes place at net and this is growing rapidly with Internet connections penetrating every strata of geography, this has gained new economy. According to a report published it was mention in the report that 70% transaction of the service sector took place via net and 17% manufacturing segment contributes. I is clearly depicted from the data that Internet has huge role in everyday life when its come to transactions. This statistics is bound to grow more in future because net in India still considered being in its nascent stage. There is not huge penetration of net. It connectivity is limited to rural India. In the coming years Internet transaction will take over traditional way of transaction in every sphere. Following this suits many websites are emerging which cater to the need of the hour. For every type of buying or selling you have websites. From searching jobs to knowing about latest fashion to food, buying or selling real estate, arranging marriages everything has taken virtual format. Everything you get only with the help of few clicks. To get all this information you need to just clicks on business directory which are available online. These business directories contain information about everything you can get information about your local area as well as on international basis. To tune to this wave there are many free business-listing sites. These sites exclusively cater to the need of people who want to buy or sell or get some information related to particular business via Internet. These sites are free of cost although there are some sites, which are not free, they charge considerable amounts to its users. This free listings sites are a platform where business owners can list or register their business. They get solid platform to get new customers and in return consumers get easy availability of such sellers. Business directory listing is a place where all the business are mentioned and grouped in certain specific sections like electronics, travel, real estate etc. In Business directory listings business owners can register their name so that the business get more and more consumers. Such directory now comes online, here buyer not only get information about some particular companies but it also get information related with that companies such as phone number, location of business, cost of products etc. There are business directory for particular city also. Now the entire major cites or even tier two cities have their own directories. Kolkata too is not lagging behind this, now people of kolkata get a compact list of business of its own cities online. kolkata directory is available to the people of kolkata. In such specific city directory users can get information about nay type of business in their own city. Whether it is about some serious business like finding job consultancy companies or liter one such as knowing about fashions boutique. Business directory website have it all. It caters both the purpose buying as well as selling. Buyers can get information about the any particular business and sellers get an ideal platform to list their business free of cost which n return fetch larger consumers. Such directory takes your business to a larger number of targeted audiences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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