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French intelligence: the Monaco team this season so far unbeaten home court Saturday 047           French       Monaco VS Nancy;   2016-11-06; 00:00         weather: sunny 14° Venue: William II stadium in Monaco in the week of the situation: Europe loudly after Monaco successfully won two consecutive scores in the home court, actually play this season is quite stable, especially in the home court, at present they are from the top of the 6 point gap, next week is the national team, the team tried to catch up. Now the Europa League group phase the team basically does not have what problem, the team continued the first ranked team this season, the team has remained unbeaten home court, and in addition to the 1 games, all the rest of the game to win, for Monaco, this season is the best time for them to win, and they are now the biggest rival is Paris Saint Germain, but this season the team was better than that of A new force suddenly rises. nice, in depth on the opponent, they only need to keep play can be smooth. The team will be able to do their best in the next two weeks. Nancy: Although Nancy status made their second victory of the season, but that didn’t help them out of the relegation zone, the team still only ranked standings in nineteenth place, and this season they are on the road is quite bleak. The team in the last round of home court defeated the ailing Caen, 2 victories this season the team won, respectively against Caen and Lorient, while the two teams with their own is now three teams in the relegation zone in france. That is to say that the probability against French team in the upstream of Nancy is very low, in fact, three liter class horse their defensive quality is the best, the team lost in all competitions, rarely like the other two promoted as losing a large margin, the most of the season they will lose 2, but the team can not keep up with the rhythm of the French attack, on the defensive advantages but also not accurate to every game does not lose the ball, so now in the standings they appear more difficult. Record: the last 10 games played, all achieved 5 victories, no tie, but a recently also in the 1011 season, when Monaco lost 0-1 to Nancy in the home court. SMG recommended: two teams today, with Nancy now, want to win the opponent is too difficult, while Monaco won the Champions League a morale boost, scored no problem, Monaco victory, score: 2-0 or 3-0 (Da Yu)相关的主题文章:

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