Friends broke the applewatch upgrade and brick, but Apple refused to repair technology –

Friends broke the AppleWatch upgrade and brick, but Apple refused to repair the Sohu to upgrade the system technology iPhone brick is a common thing, now Apple Watch also encountered similar problems. Recently a ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) user feedback to us, his Apple Watch in an attempt to upgrade to the new system, the situation of brick. Apple released WatchOS 3 in June, WWDC, and in the year of the push in September. WatchOS 3 has a large number of system optimization, run faster applications, support for the immediate start application. To mine scientific revelations buddy in an upgrade to push after the click upgrade, appeared in the brick. For Apple Watch Apple’s warranty policy is the sports version of the standard version of the Apple Watch to support 1 years of hardware warranty service and 90 days of free telephone technology, Gold Edition Apple Watch hardware warranty and telephone support service for 2 years. The small partner of Apple Watch was purchased in April last year, has been a warranty period, apple refused to provide after-sales service for its maintenance. Obviously, the little partner has no fault. Apple Watch upgrade brick, is either a hardware problem, or is a software problem, but Apple refused to repair, once again that the apple customer service service. In fact, apple in the China area of customer service service attitude has repeatedly been including CCTV media exposure, superior apple did not make a real change. It launched an expensive "after sale" service like Apple Care+, but Apple Watch was not included. So if you are a Apple Watch user, upgrade the risk, must be cautious.相关的主题文章:

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