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We love search engines, but they run on algorithms, not creative juices. It’s never okay to wear a white tie with a frilled shirt, but try asking a search engine this, and it would only send you to sites that will sell you a frilled shirt or a tie, if not both. This is where Goddiva’s Top 10 Fashion Websites enters the picture. We love fashion, that’s a given, but we also have the fashion chops to back this liking with. We chose our top ten sites based on our working knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We look for depth and breadth and diversity. We look for sites that know the fashion landscape, sites with that je ne sais quoi that makes them stand out from the million and one other websites online. 1. This site is the online home of Vogue – and rightly so. After all, is a fashion powerhouse. With over 58,000 runway looks to check out, you can choose to do your browsing by trend, season, or designer. You can keep yourself abreast with the latest in fashion, click through Vogue’s photos, get the latest dibs on parties, people, and what the gorgeous people are wearing, or share your opinion in fashion forums. is what every store claims it is but actually isn’t – a one-stop shop for the fashionable and stylish. It’s so complete and up-to-date it has made many fashion magazines obsolete. 2. This site is a fashion magazine – only better. It’s accessible online, is updated regularly, and covers everything that’s hottest and latest in the industry, from trends to collections, from personalities to lifestyles around the world. 3. This fashion community of "real girls" (and by real, we take it this is no place for the irritatingly stunning and skinny) is where you can read about fashion trends, finds, do’s and don’ts, and advice from style experts. You can also log on to this site for daily fashion tips or check out what girls around the world have to say style-wise. 4. Real men are not scared of fashion and this site is perfect proof of that.’s trends, tips, and commentaries empower males the whole world over to flex their style muscles and show the world it’s not queer to be trendy – pun intended, of course. 5. MSN’s fashion section offers excellent updates, photos, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and articles the likes of which you never see elsewhere. And if you’re into the funny and the snarky, then MSN fashion critic and writer Kat Giantis will have you in stitches over her tongue-in-cheek reports of celebrity style booboos. 6. Former retail store owner and fashion marketer Scott Schuman goes around the world taking photos of well-dressed people on the street. His blog may have begun as a hobby but it has long since turned him into a celebrated fashion photographer and reporter. 7. First View is the next best thing to getting seated front row in all of the world’s best fashion shows. Past and current collections, upcoming shows, the who, where, and what of fashion – you name it, First View has it. 8. Celeb fashion news, fashion tips, trends, and releases – all these and more are packed in the site’s Weekly Top 10. 9. Want to become an industry insider? Visit this site daily for your daily update of snippets and photos about fashion trends. 10. Take a major online magazine and partner it with three other style sites (stylerader.., confashion.., and beautyme..). What do you get? A site so .prehensive it turns fashion into a science. Now you know. If it’s fashion you want to brush up on, these sites have your back. Happy browsing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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