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Fuzhou rules promulgated some owners about the car and wait admitted loading… Strait news network November 4th (the trainee reporter Lai Zhichang) following Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian and other places "network about cars" rules promulgated, yesterday, the Fuzhou Municipal Traffic Commission in its official website, also issued a "Fuzhou city taxi booking network management rules (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementing Rules (Draft)"), on the net about the car platform, the vehicle and driver license and access conditions are put forward detailed requirements. The introduction of implementation details, sparked a hot Fuzhou net about car drivers and the public debate, some Fuzhou network drivers worried about, with improved access threshold, the future may be in open car position; some people are worried about the car, network restrictions, fear of taxi difficult, the price situation. Part of the driver to improve the barriers to wait and see about the introduction of the network about the rules of the car, the most direct impact of the Fuzhou urban area about the driver, with the network about the threshold of the car, some drivers expressed concern. The introduction of rules for some drivers is not so big, Mr. Wang is a native of Fuzhou, the first half of this year full-time network about the car driver, the car is about 200000 Honda car, while driving in more than 10 years, he said, "not a great influence on me". On the net about car rules, Mr. Wang’s basic conditions are met, and in his friends turn about the driver, most of the city can meet the conditions of the vehicle, and more is in the car on the card, "the price is above 150 thousand, you might want to limit a blockbuster." Compared to Mr. Wang’s calm, Jiangxi Chen is showing anxiety. "Too strict, may not be able to drive the future." The introduction of rules for Mr. Chen is bad news, a foreign license is Mr. Chen’s car, first of all have been limited, and the price is not standard. There are a lot of drivers around, conditions can not meet." Mr. Chen said, before the car about the real network rules introduced, only temporarily, the first to do, not only to do." Strait network reporter learned that the implementation of the rules (Draft) requirements, the network about the car must be a local car Ji, and vehicle age from the date of registration of vehicles shall not exceed 3 years (inclusive). While in the vehicle, is required to meet one of the following conditions: vehicle purchase price (including tax) in 150 thousand yuan (inclusive) above; 2700 mm wheelbase (inclusive) above and the displacement of 1750 liters (inclusive) above; 2700 mm wheelbase (inclusive) above, the displacement of 1580 liters (inclusive) and 110 thousand watts (including above). At the same time, network about cars must be 7 and below the passenger car, the vehicle license term of not more than 8 years since the motor vehicle driving licenses of the initial registration date; net about car mileage of 600 thousand kilometers mileage has not reached the mandatory retirement; 600 thousand kilometers but lives up to 8 years, exit condition about the car business network etc.. Opinions cited hot people fear taxi difficult, with the introduction of the price of the Fuzhou network about the rules of the car, which also led to a wide range of online and offline Fuzhou hot debate. Who lives in Cangshan District, Mr. Lin said that the government of Fuzhou about the introduction of the specification of the car is good, but the restrictions on the network about the threshold for the public may be;相关的主题文章:

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