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Gansu tax fund-raising 500 more than helping 181 poor villages out of poverty – Beijing Beijing in August 26 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Yutao) 26 days, Gansu province national tax system of double action coordination and promotion will be held in Lanzhou, deputy director of Gansu Provincial State Taxation Bureau Zhang Jing said that since 2012, double action development, Gansu province IRS has invested about 5000000 yuan, coordinated relief funds about 3000000 yuan, the implementation of the renovation of dilapidated buildings, road construction, the new primary school, about the introduction of improved varieties of female cattle, farmers and herdsmen skills training and other more than and 20 projects for the village contact. In recent years, Gansu Province State Taxation Bureau to promote double work, send teams stationed in the village in the village leader, organized home village cadres to work, to investigate the basic situation, classification and formulate specific measures to assist, helping to carry out field work. Do average each village has at least 1 aid projects; actively carry out poverty alleviation activities, every year for the mass distribution of the village contact "Spring Festival package", to carry out primary school donation activities, contact the village public benefit reached 100%. Organization cadres to villages and households, cadres sent all the year round in the village to carry out precise helping, efforts to solve the bottleneck problem of poverty village contact. According to statistics, Gansu tax system at all levels of the unit in the joint action of 4543 cadres, contact the poor village of 9327 poor households in 181. 2012 – 2015, a total of 73 thousand people organized cadres of villages and households, the village during the time of 272 thousand days, to contact the village has invested 14 million 824 thousand yuan to carry out rural road and bridge construction, village construction, residential housing and living facilities renovation and construction of health, to encourage farmers to buy livestock breeding development of 601 aid projects; invested 5 million 669 thousand yuan to carry out the Spring Festival condolences, donations of rice and flour, oil, blankets and other supplies, donated to primary school bags, books, computer and other sports goods, 0 to 3 year old children to donate nutrition package and other assistance activities 972. Through the development of projects, counterpart assistance, student condolences to make contact with the village infrastructure has been improved to solve the problem of contact with the village and the most realistic and most urgent needs. Hand in hand, cadres household through face-to-face communication, caring service, and try to find ways and ideas for the villagers out of poverty, help the villagers out of poverty. Zhang Jing said that although the progress of the whole system of double action, good effect is apparent, but there are still some problems and deficiencies, the existence of "visited" and "guest" helping households in helping the situation, measures to send donations as the main material, not focus on the policy to send, send information, technology and other aspects, to solve the lack of contact households ideas, development ideas, increase long-term measures and skills. The next step, Gansu tax planning to continue to lead the co-ordination around double action goals, precise Poverty Alleviation Policies and rural working methods, especially the "1+17" precise poverty supporting policies, the "853" chart operations such as the main content, take training courses, seminars and other forms of training activities, and constantly improve the the whole system unit, double cadres and village work to help the team policy level and work ability. Also at the same time相关的主题文章:

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