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Gao Guangze "raise a child for life" filial shoulder all cited interpretation of raising a child is not easy to _32 > > > click on the video to watch the Tencent, "raising a child is not easy" Tencent entertainment news by Liu Fengsheng directed by screenwriter Ma Guangyuan, Hairong Tian, Xin Baiqing, and Gao Guangze, Tian Zhong, Zhang Yiwei starred in the contemporary family emotional drama "raise children" is not easy to hit Liaoning tv. Recently the plot, Yan Ligang boss by county people said is the illegitimate child, the mystery of life caused controversy. The hearts of the audience has been understandable, Yan home eldest son, actually fell into the mystery of life, attracted the audience’s discussion. While playing the Ligang Yan Gao Guangze, also by virtue of its excellent acting, Yan Ligang from a boy to a man’s growth period of comprehensive and detailed interpretation of the tangle. Gao Guangze "raising a child is not easy" the mystery of life four rumor users: no blood is still a good brother Yan in the latest broadcast drama, Yan Ligang called for the illegitimate child, he could not help but face tattle and prate, mother to ask what. Mother to protect the child’s psychological choice to hide, but he is still exploring the truth. In the high Hirosawa of Yan Ligang comprehensive three-dimensional interpretation of the story, the audience into the eldest son of many more distressed, he claims: "even if there is no blood, you are our good brother yan". At the same time, with the blue Ling to go to college, the gap is more and more big, two people away, feeling is increasingly worried. My heart is always love Lan Ling Ligang Yan, in the dialogue with Lan Ling, she did not dare to look and dodge eyes, exquisite carving out the tangled boy first awakening interest in the opposite sex. High Hirosawa perfect interpretation of tangled boy to Superman difficult from the series launch, high Hirosawa interpretation of the eldest son is constantly touches the hearts of the audience. After his father died, he tried to drop out of the family, let the audience see the play boy, and later mother aunt quarrel to find foster sister, let the audience from the "Meikong", see what is the eldest brother as a father. The eldest son of Gao Guangze Yan Yan Ligang interpretation, friendship filial shoulder all touching. Gao Guangze depicts the details of the interpretation of the Yan Ligang transition from boy to Superman during the tangled sense. Our super play, shoulder all the characters in this Ligang Yan, from time to time to see the high house shadow, have to say, he will be engraved in the story of the audience in mind, look forward to the drama in high Hirosawa continue to write Superman into account.相关的主题文章:

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