German intelligence Bremen 5 main can not play because of injury defensive personnel shortage-sopor aeternus

German intelligence: Bremen 5 main defence personnel shortages could not play because of injury on Sunday 035           German   Leipzig Red Bull VS Werder Bremen       2016-10-23 21:30         the last battle of the Leipzig team Red Bull home court on Sunday the Bundesliga away 1 to 0 over the Wolfsburg team, two game winning streak in the league. After the opening of the offensive against opponents in the Red Bull team missed a penalty in the first half failed to grasp the chance in Eighteenth minutes in the second half with a strong attack and move actively continue to put pressure on opponents and get the lead in the final seventieth minutes away 1 to 0 win after the game, Leipzig coach Hassan Hutl Red Bull said in the first half could not hold a gift to the opponent Red Bull team in the second half of the continuous upgrading of state and the most lucky to be on the road to get three points. This Sunday in Leipzig Red Bull SV Werder Bremen home court team, coach Hassan Hutl said Huanshuai Bremen in the last three games played very well, the Red Bull team must quickly grasp the opponent to leave loopholes, the team morale will no doubt in this game to play a key role. From the injury situation, reserve right back Gibson, the main right back Klosterman, the main attacking midfielder is rehabilitation policy Sabi, other players can play. The visitors are away to Werder Bremen team on Sunday morning in the Bundesliga home court 2 1 Lectra Leverkusen team in the league in consecutive rounds unbeaten. After the opening of the strong performance of Werder Bremen team in thirteenth minutes to break the deadlock but then opponents to seize the opportunity to tie the score, then to withstand the opponent’s counterattack and at the start of the second half soon again lead, culminating in the opponent’s offensive against the strong main field 2 to 1 over the enemy, after the game coach SV Werder Bremen Mr nourry said very well in the opening fifteen minutes on the field performance of Bremen team made great efforts and finally with team spirit, scored three points. This Sunday away Leipzig team coach Red Bull, SV Werder Bremen Mr nourry said the team must pass the ball less and get rid of the opponent’s fast attack and defense conversion against closing down, the players must show on the pitch attitude, team spirit and cohesion and play through the limit points away from the road to the post. From the injury situation, the main defender, Defender de Briones Caldirola, attacking midfielder Eilers is substitute rehabilitation therapy, the main lumbar bagefuleide, main attacking midfielder M. Kruse, the main center of Pizarro is back training, other players can play. The field of lottery SMG fixed bonus for 1.37 out of Shengping Fu 4.30 6, the home team let 1 ball Shengping Fu fixed bonus of 2.20 3.65 2.52, was optimistic about the Leipzig team in the home court winning Red Bull. Leipzig Red Bull team in the last round.相关的主题文章:

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