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"Ghost" 9.30 hospital will reflect the "inferius" Resurrection rampant human entertainment Tencent directed by Yin Guojun, Bianca Bai, Li Changxi, Law Ka Ying, Meng Peng and other powerful actor starred in the horror movie theme Guoneishoubu haunted hospital "ghost hospital" in September 30th will be officially registered national cinema. The film is a new breakthrough of Chinese horror film, the hospital’s real fear to show most incisive, moreish inferius, Carrie Suoming; resurrection terrorist plot is staged continuously, the impact of the psychology of the audience, bring an indelible shadow of terror, I believe this movie will bring disruptive horror experience the audience. "Fear of many" high energy "inferius effects praising" Resurrection "ghosts" raging killing film since the start of hospital propaganda since the high voice, from its new hospital theme, atmosphere of terror and horror high-energy special packaging won the "fear of many fans of the appreciation of the audience’s enthusiasm for the purpose of high to create a new type of domestic thriller film, will be for the domestic thriller" name". The scene about the movie, starring Bianca Bai admitted that the filming process really scared, especially in the hospital to find people shooting scenes, due to the hospital to give people the feeling was very strange and gloomy, plus the shabby room was empty, a morgue inferius environment, let a person feel with hair standing on end. Many viewers said, look at the trailer for highly nervous tension, repeatedly scared scream, a routine director is too deep, and put out the psychological shadow. Legend hospital morgue Yin is very heavy, long body which will turn into different inferius, then killed the blood sucking cannibal. The film viewing from real Shanghai a haunted hospital, built from the scene arrangement, or terrorist atmosphere will "inferius" the revival of this terrible events of terror, further to seize the audience for the hospital to grasp the point of terror, bloody violence this life’s fear of fusion of European and American horror the double impact of visual psychology, horrific. The terrorist IP hospital brain hole wide open field framing each create a real movie starring fear have said, in "ghost hospital" is a challenge since the film’s biggest: "never had such a brain hole wide open story, interlocking plot is especially attractive, not fully see the last guess the outcome. All hospitals play are on-site shooting, to create a real, all the staff during the filming of all the creeps, so those gloomy, presented to the audience the pent up shooting environment especially true." Obviously, the film follows the classic horror hospital IP, and carefully build the atmosphere of terror, horror quietly sneak into people’s daily life, is the transformation of Chinese horror film. "Ghost" hospital Shaoxing new film culture media development Co. Ltd, Zhejiang Hengdian Film Investment Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yong day television media Limited by Share Ltd, Yunnan gold color vision film company limited, Yunnan Datang Washe Culture Communication Co. Ltd and Shanghai koetsu Video Communication Co. Ltd. jointly produced, Beijing based film culture media Co. Ltd., Shanghai koetsu media Ltd. issued, Shanghai Friends Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the exclusive ticket ticket.相关的主题文章:

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