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Girls do not respond to pay attention to a person to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: you have to pay for the psychological response to a person does not respond, ignore, of course, is a person to pay the power to kill. 1 how good I was, but now…… This is a deep question in many people’s minds: why he didn’t love me anymore. Has he changed? It was his nature, all these years. She is very sad to me to complain a lot of how her husband does not love her, betrayed her, and no repentance of the heart. She wanted a divorce, he did not stay, it makes her feel downhearted. She doesn’t understand why so spoil her husband now why so cold, once the love is false? I asked her: her husband loved you before? She said: good to me, very good. Are you satisfied with the way he used to be nice to you? Satisfied ah. Will you tell him when you are satisfied? Would not. Not satisfied with the time? Will point out. It’s easy to understand: if a person gives you 7 points, and then you see that he has a score of 3 points that don’t satisfy you, you point it out. He paid 8 more minutes, and you saw that he had a score of 2 that didn’t satisfy you. So what happens when the person is in such an environment? Pay 7 points equal to 0 points, to pay a total of 8 points equal to $0, pay 0 points or equal to 0 points. For you, are you willing to pay? At this time, you will have to pay a 3 point to be treated as a score of 8, what would you do? To pay a person does not respond, ignore, take it for granted, is to give a person the power to kill. No matter what he does, you don’t feel, can’t see, just enjoy, and you’re not good enough. Occasionally satisfied once, never say it or. Not satisfied with the time to put on a thick, up to "you do not love me," the height. Is there a more cruel way to treat a man like that? I asked her husband: now so cold, without a little bit of love for your behavior? Not even a little bit. Are you sure there is 100% a little bit? There is a little bit. Which point? Then she suddenly found his tears trickling down cheeks, how neglected for so many years has been in love with, and then personally love death. 2 there are so many people in our class. There was a lady who was so angry that she didn’t do housework at all. There was a time when her husband came home without changing his slippers. She was very angry: I just finished the hard work, you stepped in! Husband said: I did not see, and not intentional. You drag it over again. What’s the big deal?! She said: you don’t have to do a little work, what day I sweep the floor! We should share the housework!! You can think of their arguments. "How much something" is a mine, that means you do not worth mentioning. My wife is really want her husband mopping the work? Not necessarily. Actually)相关的主题文章:

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