Graduate students to buy a computer called trap store called the computer can only be switched on fo 3edyy

Graduate students to buy a computer called trap store called the computer can only be switched on for two hours – Beijing this year 11, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing graduate student in the second grade of Wei classmate, saw a thin, high configuration, suitable for the notebook computer in the online mall. Taking into account the big piece, she felt that the store is more reliable, so special to the line down to see, really touched the event. She never thought that the feeling of falling into the store shopping, carefully set the trap. Chongqing evening news reporter Yang Hua said the store only two hours of computer boot Wei students computer has been used for 5 years, to the commonly used office software WPS to use a card. She compared to a DELL laptop, the price of 4999 yuan online. On the morning of 12 Wei said, she and her boyfriend to the District of Guanyin Bridge computer cyber city two, saw a golden notebook computer, DELL 7000 models for fuel (i5 7200CPU 14 inches). After a round of inquiry and investigation, the two shops have told them that the computer can get around 4300 yuan, which makes her feel right to the place. Finally, they came to a store called DELL D0450 store. Shopping guide told them that the store is doing 11 activities, with a student card can be discounted by $200, this computer configuration is very good, very good use. Eventually the two sides to 4300 yuan turnover, Wei students pay card. "Computer money is my brother called me, and I work for him." Wei Tong theory, "the clerk promised me to buy the same computer and online configuration." Wei said, waiting for the store from the store to the new machine transfer process, the shop technician told her, this computer does not support support only genuine software, pirated software, recommended boot time controlled within two hours, a blue screen, or prone to the phenomenon of death. Wei Tongxue feel incredible, so that the staff on the prototype to download a WPS trial, and indeed the computer becomes a special card, display memory only 1.07GB. Wei Tongxue careful comparison of sales orders, before their own information shows that this computer is configured GeForce940MX, Windows10 system, 64. Sales orders above suppliers are written in the morning business Co., Ltd., the configuration is marked GT940MX, Windows10 system, 32. Shopping guide on the document to write has been told that the client machine deep structure, DELL vendors are not responsible for the word. Wei Tong doctrine: they let me sign on the sales list, do not sign not shipped, so I call the consumer rights hotline 12315. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, the consumer constraint clause is invalid, the sales of single void, was later torn." Buy a 1000 yuan to buy expensive found after this unpleasant, Wei students and stores to sit down and negotiate. Wei said that the other students want a refund, only replacement. Shopping guide recommended a Lenovo computer – Lenovo S41-75 A10 series, which means that the computer is higher than the configuration of DELL, memory is 4G, AMD10 CPU configuration is better than the DELL i5, two graphics cards at the same time.相关的主题文章:

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