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.puters-and-Technology A few weeks ago I received an e-mail to a colleague asks me to check a website, he had developed. It ‘a web designer and his client wanted a nice attractive flash header. Flash header was great. Not to be missed altogether. Some nice graphics elements and flying sound effects created just the right mood. However, when you start exploring the header of the site has be.e very annoying, because every time you click on the title pages again. What was pleasant initially became very annoying very quickly, without disturbing the attention and makes it difficult to read what was on the page. It is the first to create what I call – "annoying website design". Many webmasters, especially new webmasters are totally "in love" with their ideas and tend to go overboard with their design in one form or another. It’s good to have an interesting mind, but is it really necessary to attack the visitor’s mind with her? In my opinion, absolutely not! Webmasters sometimes that their website design should send a message to the visitor that should reflect the subject site and not the skill level of the programmer. Is the design of your site annoying? It is difficult to be bored. However, some webmasters are much better than others at annoying their visitors. See my top 5 and decide for yourself if it was disturbing visitors. Background music – Unless you are operating an online radio station online and sell music CDs, why play a MIDI / WAV in the background continuously on every page? Huge font size – If you design a website for people with a disability, you do the right thing, but if not, then you are shouting. People do not like it when someone shouted. Small font size – Do you want to be heard? Maintain a normal tone, not shouting, but "talk" to a reasonable number. Overlapping layers – Layers can be very useful to this point. But not when they are used to make an annoying message in the visitor’s face. Do not try to force your visitors to read your messages. Try persuasion instead of brute force. Popup windows – Even if the pop-ups are blocked by many add tools, webmasters keep using them. Part of annoying pop-up that is actually sometimes missing important information for their tools against pop-ups. Have not you heard the old phrase "if you cannot beat him, join him"? Do not use pop-ups. Put important messages in a central location on your website. Probably each of us has our own private top five lists. You probably have a lot more annoying design cases in mind. Well, you’re right; the list is much longer than that. I wanted to describe some of the highlights, so this is an important issue for the public. Some of you are probably reading those lines and smiling, while others have a sense of dj vu. Keep in your mind that as a webmaster the last thing you want to do is put a lot of effort into your website and then find out that your visitors hate it. It’s not a matter of taste, it’s more polite to be the same person, and we all try to be when you go to a party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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