Grassland in northern China suffered the worst drought since 1953, the loss of over ten billion-x3210

Since the northern grassland China 1953 suffered the worst drought losses of over ten billion – Beijing, China News Agency, Hohhot, September 10 (reporter Li Aiping) by the summer drought, Chinese grassland in northern Inner Mongolia suffered the worst drought since 1953. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau, 10, disclosed that the drought this summer has caused nearly 4 million people were affected, economic losses reached $11 billion 590 million (RMB, the same below). Since the beginning of summer, a drought in Inner Mongolia continued to hit the newspapers. About 5 million of the population of Inner Mongolia in Chifeng, since June, affected by meteorological drought and agricultural drought overlay, local agricultural and animal husbandry production, not only seriously damaged crops affected crops, also appeared in the pasture affected and tens of thousands of cattle dead phenomenon. In addition, Xilin Gol prairie and Hulun Buir prairie drought disaster phenomenon also occurred. According to the meteorological department announced that these two prairie grass height is only between 6 cm – 52 cm. Affected by this, the current official estimate of forage in Inner Mongolia is expected to cut 7 million tons, many farmers have been speeding up the process of livestock slaughter. According to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau news, the formation of the drought this summer is also the northern grassland of Inner Mongolia, China since 1953 the most serious drought. For the disaster, the Inner Mongolia branch of the two allocated 320 million yuan of emergency drought relief. The Ministry of civil affairs also allocated 60 million yuan of emergency drought relief funds. (end)相关的主题文章:

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