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Guangdong to promote a comprehensive upgrade of global quality traceability system – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Guo Jun) as long as the open mobile phone APP, sweep the product knowledge code, products from the production and distribution to the consumer quality information of each link can be global traceability. 25 reporters from the Guangdong entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau learned that the Bureau in Guangzhou last December Nansha FTA pilot launch quality traceability system, the global import and export commodities obvious effect, the system has launched the 2 version, and was included in the second batch of Guangdong FTA experience can be replicated. According to reports, this system is based on the "Chi inspection port" public technology service platform and public information access, traceability code identification, quality traceability query system for technical support. Corporate merchandise quality information through the notarization information access system into "intelligent inspection port" platform; after the goods arrive at the port of entry, inspection and quarantine agencies to implement precise regulation, rapid clearance through the traceability system; commodity circulation links, consumers, enterprises and regulatory authorities through the traceability code or web query quick access to the whole chain traceability information, and can consultation, report or complaint, through the information feedback in quality management. Inspection and quarantine institutions in a timely and comprehensive grasp of feedback information, scientific adjustment of regulatory measures, accurate combat illegal acts. Nansha entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau deputy director Liu Jiajun said that the establishment of the system, the inspection and quarantine supervision from the port supervision only, into a "source of traceability, can check the whereabouts of" before, during and after the event, the whole chain of closed-loop regulation, change from the micro macro and micro supervision and quality supervision, common in the shift from a single regulatory system for the government, enterprises and consumers of the social system. We hope that by doing the addition of overseas traceability, in exchange for convenient customs clearance." International cross-border electricity supplier Tmall deputy general manager Xing Yue told reporters that Tmall international platform existing nearly 10000 brands from more than and 50 countries and regions, more than 2 thousand businesses, joined the global quality traceability system can not only enhance the credibility of the platform, and enhance consumer confidence, but also get more convenient customs clearance. Not only cross-border electricity supplier, the global quality traceability system has achieved full coverage of import and export commodity categories. Covers general trade, cross-border electricity, market purchasing export trade, covering food, consumer goods, cars and other categories, issued a total of 11 million yards, tracing the commodity value of $33 billion 380 million. At present, there are 470 thousand people at home and abroad through the system traceability query. The depth of participation of many well-known enterprises is also very high enthusiasm. Jingdong, Tmall,, Midea, Mead Johnson, Yi Hua, four in more than 50 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises have taken the initiative to apply to join the factory level traceability. 24, Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed a memorandum of cooperation with the world’s 18 companies to build a global quality traceability system. On the same day, the Council also to "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions launched to build a global quality traceability system initiative, get a positive response. Thanks to the implementation of the system, greatly enhance the efficiency of inspection and quarantine supervision. Nansha market procurement of export goods quality pass rate of 38.7% before the application of the system, the first half相关的主题文章:

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