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Guangming Daily: "special 3D" is just money game – View – original title: "special 3D" but misappropriating game American film "the Bourne 5" recently released in the country, but quickly got an inglorious nickname "foldover heavy", is the cause of the film in most of the domestic cinema and games arrangements for the screening of the 3D version, fight, chase scenes, shaking badly hinder the viewing audience, some even physical discomfort. In the continued efforts of the media and critics, the company finally responded to the global audience appeal, agreed to adjust screenings, arrange more versions of 2D row pieces for the audience to choose. However, the core problem is caused by dissatisfaction with the audience, the film almost exclusively in the mainland market to provide Chinese version of 3D, and is transformed "again in film production after the completion of the restructuring, the pseudo 3D" version is called "3D for the industry again". In other words, the domestic release of the 3D version, neither in line with the laws of the international market, does not comply with the laws of 3D production, to some extent, the basic is a deformity. Since the 2010 3D movie "Afanda" was released in 2012, "Titanic" common version to 3D version released in the country, after the harvest of 948 million yuan at the box office, the domestic audience of 3D film’s enthusiasm was ignited, film and cinema has found new opportunities. In 2015, 3D film total box office in the mainland more than 50%, in both the needs of the audience and blessing row piece strong, 3D large increase in china. In the introduction, the annual increase in the quota allocated to all 3D or IMAX version, while in the domestic film, even some romantic movies, the author is not suitable for work, but also actively or passively to catch the ship 3D. Employers, parties, and the various theaters bundled "special 3D" film, put it bluntly, is for money. On the one hand, printed on the "3D" movie ticket price rocket type rise, compared to the ordinary version to be higher than at least 30%, and in fact the production cost is not high, the cycle is very short. On the other hand, for various reasons, in recent years the new theater configuration has been fully 3D, 3D domestic cinema screen ratio is very high, the selection of films and cinema row piece hobby but also a serious tilt, which makes a lot of the ordinary version of the film does not turn 3D even without row piece opportunity in front of the interests of their and 3D had to hold together. "The Bourne 5" and 3D technology does not fit is not the case, in fact, industry insiders believe that even from the creative point of view, the 90% film don’t need a 3D version. However, the domestic film market is still not out of the big =3D cognitive errors, a short time, it seems difficult to cross all the requirements of large investment, big bubble. However, contrary to the law will eventually be punished by law. "The Bourne 5" released in the domestic market after a sudden turn for the worse at the box office, daily fell more than 30%, in front of the audience of the real needs, adjust the arrangement of the film version of compromise should be started to reverse the market unhealthy. And look back at the producers of domestic films相关的主题文章:

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