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Haidian today opened the world city – – financial market structures people.com.cn this morning, Haidian District Tin Road No. 29 world city venue, law enforcement officers with the order, the crane arm on billboards in front of the market began in September 30th, the management of compulsory removal, low-end format small market will completely shut down. 9 am this morning, the relevant staff of 17 departments in Haidian District city to the world market, dispatched more than 200 security and more than 50 workers and more than ten Taiwan demolition of construction machinery, on the market in the forced removal of illegal construction. The demolition personnel first came to the market in front of the outdoor billboards, in the words "head above the world city e-commerce Industrial Park", a piece of electronic display device and some decoration facilities. The person in charge of Haidian urban management law enforcement team said that the Tin Road, the outdoor advertising has been a criminal investigation in March this year, today to start dismantling. Soon, the demolition of the billboards were removed. Subsequently, law enforcement officers began to dismantle the two illegal buildings in the market. Relevant person in charge, the two houses were built in June 2007, the construction area of about 1267 square meters, the interior has been changed into the market and office space. The relevant person in charge of Haidian District, the city field covers an area of 12600 square meters, total construction area of 24506 square meters, the illegal construction of 9000 square meters, a total of 352 businesses, the floating population of 764 people, operating items including clothing shoes and hats, department stores, food, vegetables, meat, cakes, Internet bar, digital appliances hospital pharmacy etc.. The operation of the market complex, personnel intensive, illegal prominent, dirty environment, there are many safety problems in food, fire etc.. According to the remediation plan, before September 30th, the market will be completely withdraw from the market and the market completely shut down. At present, some businesses have begun to make final preparations for the sale, withdrawal from the market. The reporter saw at the demolition site, tens of meters long on the line above the private market illegally built basically are arranged in a crisscross pattern, irregular building, even the walls have cracks. Large equipment simply can not come, can only be removed manually, we also do a variety of emergency plans to prevent hidden dangers." Street relevant responsible person said. Currently, shutting down the transformation of the headquarters has been completed with 299 business interviews, businesses are moving away from the goods. The next step, the district law enforcement and Supervision Bureau Tin Road Street will be the illegal construction of the remaining batches were removed, until the end of September the market completely shut down. (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Yang Xi)相关的主题文章:

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