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Hangzhou Meijiawu tea Xiangfu restaurant, eat the food taste mother! Sohu and is quite clever, the little sisters meet this weekend together, the Xiangfu Meijiawu tea restaurant, I always think of the name to the familiar, it was found that after is the high school students will be set before, is here. This position is particularly good, traffic is very convenient, is the side of Meijiawu bus station, 103 Road, 121 bus is very convenient, the bus station is on the mountain edge ten Lang when thinking about the next time, can also arrange a morning to climb here at noon for dinner, afternoon tea. This restaurant area is also very high, upper and lower two layers of transparent glass windows, when cold hot days can sit in the hall to see the scenery in front of the courtyard; Lin Xi, sitting in front of the courtyard when the weather is good, a cup of tea, it is particularly enjoy Hangzhou the taste of the…… This restaurant dishes is really good ah, steamed eel, lake crab, chicken pot, cooking Spring rolls…… Several dishes for me to eat very touched by ah, my mother is cooking, so for a long time not to eat authentic Hangzhou family dishes. Is mainly used in food, feel the mother’s feelings, when I was young, my mother always do the dishes for me to eat, lake crab cream yellow thick, waxy waxy eel, chicken soup, fresh, crisp Spring rolls…… Hangzhou Mei home, tea garden, tea, eating, the time spent is the most blessed! Name: Address: Xiangfu Ming teahouse Meijiawu No. 112 per capita: 86 Sina micro-blog: WeChat lucklily hi Tim @ public number: Hi Tim lucklily相关的主题文章:

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