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Hangzhou Xiaoshan yesterday under the "black rain" pedestrian second coal mining industry more than 8 o’clock yesterday morning, Hangzhou City inundated with rain. In the vicinity of Xiaoshan Yinong a district, there was no umbrella walking on the road, it was the rain drenched dark, second coal miners. I was shocked, the sky was black. After the rain, near the roof, ground, cars, farmland covered with black powder. This is how to return a responsibility? For a time, readers have asked the truth. Morning, who lives in Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District Master Wu Yinong town to call the hotline: "good, we plot under the black rain, in a dark place." Really, a lot of local agriculture area, on the ground, the car, the green belt has been covered with a thick layer of black powder, in the sky there are sporadic falling black powder. Look in the distance, the roof is black. Master Wu said: pointing to the clothes on the balcony drying clothes outside all suffer, become super black." Someone lazy without an umbrella, it became a coal mining industry, the forehead, face, nose, even the lips are thin spots, dense phobia watched mad. Netizen @byq1jr said: go out to be armed with a gas mask." Under the black place is actually more than a farming area, according to friends broke the news information, and the surrounding area within a radius of 1 km are. At the same time, Xiaoshan District Environmental Protection Bureau has received complaints from residents. Yesterday morning about 8:50, Xiaoshan Guali environmental protection staff arrived at the scene. Black in the end how to? Where is the source? Staff of the environmental protection department for the first time will not think of a corporate emissions of smoke caused by. Think again, ah, ah, next to the coal-fired boiler has been eliminated, and now the boiler is a desulfurization treatment. However, prudence, or environmental protection staff visited the surrounding businesses, but did not find the source of black rain. After more than 1 hours of visits, they found a goal – Red Sun Road, an abandoned factory 1. This is a 2011 had discontinued businesses, as the original Hangzhou branch to dye Co. Ltd., a production of petroleum coke powder called new energy fuel, after the shutdown, left four tank. Yesterday morning, workers are on the two of the tank demolition, accident during operation, accidentally tank float out petroleum coke dry powder. Late yesterday afternoon, Yinong town government informed to: Hangzhou branch of fuel limited company in the equipment removal process, due to improper operation, resulting in part of the tank body from raw materials of petroleum coke powder leakage, and the wind to a radius of about 800 meters of the area. The petroleum coke dry powder floated out, due to low pressure, southerly plus, will shout wind to the South and all areas such as sky, looks like under the black rain. After the incident, Yinong town government immediately organized personnel to carry out emergency disposal, and urge enterprises to do the cleanup and control work. The money newspaper reporter learned from the environmental protection department of petroleum coke powder is a kind of oil extract, the main ingredient is carbon, non-toxic, drifting for particles. Falling to the body, after the car, we can immediately clean.相关的主题文章:

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