Harbin 5 passenger station all the sale of pre-sale ticket free refund-plustek

Harbin 5 passenger station all the sale of pre-sale ticket refund free to reporters from the city road passenger terminal that, because of the weather caused by long-distance passenger departure uncertainty, currently Harbin 5 long-distance passenger station all the sale of pre-sale tickets. Had tickets, but because of the impact of the weather can not travel passengers can go to the bus stop free refund. Recently the snowfall for Harbin surrounding highways closed or restricted, most long-distance passenger lines affected. 11, Harbin long-distance passenger line outage, the outage passenger train more than 1000 flights, more than twenty thousand passengers travel disruption. At noon yesterday, ha Mu rapid recovery after passage, Harbin surrounding the highway can be normal traffic. The impact of highway closure on long-distance passenger traffic will continue. When the highway is closed, the field arrived in Kazakhstan vehicles can not enter the city, highway traffic, vehicle due to inadequate or not in accordance with the previous arrangement is still part of the frequency of departure, no car can send. As of press time, there are still Mu Sui high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, complex construction black, high speed, large crane Qi Gan high-speed all or part of the road traffic restrictions, 7 seats or more passenger and dangerous goods transport vehicles can not enter the highway. In addition, there will be snow recently, or will once again affect the highway traffic. Reporters learned from the city highway passenger terminal, the current urban 5 long-distance bus stop has been all pre-sale tickets. Highway passenger transport station to remind, demand for passenger travel ahead of the best query of the passenger station when the phone, if not please choose other means of transport to travel. When the telephone highway passenger terminal station passenger service center             87065114 Nangang passenger station     Nangang District Chunshen Street No. 26,   82830116 Tallahassee passenger station     ZTE right street Nangang District No. 1 87068765 three passenger station Birch Street, Daowai District No. 1     57665331;     Daowai passenger station;   Daowai District No. 287 Chengde street 87808509 bridge passenger station;   Daoli District river run Street No. 109 84625453 (source: Harbin News Network – new evening news) (author: Liu Xiyang)相关的主题文章:

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