Heating half an individual cell room temperature is still not up to the main air-conditioning heatin soojin

Half of the individual cell heating at room temperature is still not standard mainly rely on air conditioning heating – Beijing Beijing officially heating has been nearly half a month, the Beijing News reporter from low temperature area, this year the demolition area as well as the typical area to experience the heating situation this year. Experience found that the residents of low temperature room temperature has increased to reach the specified room temperature, but there are still some people at home room temperature is not up to standard. Beijing urban management committee, the relevant person in charge, the heating unit processing results have opinions, you can call 12345 complaints. If the formal heating early, high complaints, heating authorities will use the media exposure heating units, the latter has not yet been corrected will be included in the assessment. Experience 1 Location: Hongmiao north district renovation after low temperature heating? The old man can wear autumn clothes recently at home, Hongmiao building 10 North Lane home temperature measurement, display shows the number of 20 degrees celsius. This version of photography Beijing News reporter letter, in previous years, known as the "low temperature area" households often have to endure cold winter is warm "heating house". This year, the Beijing heat group was reformed on the 48 "low temperature area", covering Xuanwumen East Street, alley No. 30 Minkang hospital, Hongmiao North District, West District, Yan Jing Babao Zhuang District areas. Recently, the reporter went to Hongmiao North District 10 Building 4 floor of a residential home. The residents said that in previous years at home have to wear thick clothes, sometimes even have pieces of cotton vest. But this time, she is wearing a single long johns. Reporters came to the living room, the thermometer shows stable at around 19 degrees celsius. She told reporters that this year’s change is obvious, the outer wall also increased the insulation layer. "The whole house is warm and comfortable". Subsequently, the reporter went to the 14 floor of a household, the thermometer shows the number of stable at around 20 degrees celsius. "This year, it’s obviously much warmer than usual." The household said. Beijing heating group Dawanglu station responsible person, the old district near Hongmiao north are mostly on the 80s housing, heating pipeline corrosion serious aging, this year was reformed and replace part of the pipeline. The person in charge of this year, not only for the problem of poor circulation of the pipeline was a large-scale cleaning, while home inspection, the individual households to plug the local heating was replaced. The process of Academy of Fine Arts dormitory heating station responsible person Hongmiao North heating, temperature measurement results from this point of view, the regional average Hongmiao North 16, room temperature of 17 DEG C, this year has risen to 19 degrees at room temperature. Has been the same as the "low temperature" extension of the static west district has also been improved. The District 6 building, a resident told reporters that in previous years, the home of about 15 degrees Celsius, the elderly simply can not stay, cold hands and feet cold". But this year, she can wear long johns walking around at home, usually at about 20 DEG c". The reporter then visited several households in the home temperature measurement found that people’s home temperature can reach 18 degrees Celsius above. Experience 2 locations: how to install a small area of the district to be warm? Air conditioning to spend a few hundred dollars a month is located in Chaoyang District, the home of the area of the district is a small lake相关的主题文章:

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