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Hebei Weixian County 100 farmers early adopters of drone pilots "(Figure) – Beijing – multi rotor UAV spraying. In Weixian County farmers participate in the training course. Washington (reporter Ma Dongsheng) I did not expect that we can also control the UAV farmers, and there is a pilot license." Yesterday, just through the multi rotor UAV pilot license assessment Xingtai Weixian County East Village farmers Qi Lujiang said excitedly. A "pilot" and 113 farmers in Weixian County and he, they have the skilled operation ability of UAV, spraying pesticides, exploration and survey work, has become the modern farmers under the development of the high-tech agriculture. In the plain of the Weixian County is a large agricultural county. In recent years, the county planning and implementation of the economic belt, pear industry belt of modern agriculture zone "construction, and vigorously promote modern agricultural industrialization. Among them, in the land desertification in West Shahe County construction pear industry zone, covering 7 townships, 99 administrative villages, as of now, the County pear planting area reached 68 thousand acres. In addition, the county also introduced in fertile agriculture, Wei Wang and a number of modern agricultural projects vegetables. Modern agriculture needs modern science and technology management means, but also need to grasp the new technology of new farmers. "A standardized orchard area of 2000 acres, if only by manual spraying operation management, not only time-consuming, had to spend a lot of labor costs." Weixian County County Propaganda Department staff told reporters that if the use of agricultural UAV spraying drugs, not only saves time and effort, cost savings, and drug spraying more uniform, better results. The participation of multi rotor UAV pilot license assessment of a total of 168 farmers in Weixian County, from the township of Weixian County. Age of more than and 20 years old, the youngest of the age of more than and 40, in high school and above. They participated in the training before the assessment of the Weixian County county government organized training courses, through 24 days of learning, the system mastered the basic knowledge of UAV, professional knowledge, skills, etc.. Subsequently, also participated in the China Aviation Association commissioned by the Hebei Sports Association of the multi rotor UAV pilot license assessment, which is the first time in Hebei province for the farmer’s license assessment. There are 114 people eventually got to the level of 7 to more than 4 rotor UAV pilot license. It is reported that these farmers will get a license to form Weixian County’s first non emergency rescue service for the county agriculture, plant protection machine, fruit grower special protection service. Multi rotor UAV pilots license to obtain the relevant interpretation of the required conditions of 114 farmers in Weixian County to obtain the UAV pilot license, mainly used for UAV operation of agricultural plant protection, spraying pesticides for example, pests and land survey and exploration. These farmers first require education in high school and above, if the education is too low it is difficult to understand some of the theoretical knowledge of uavs. Men and women can. Minimum 18 years of age, age more than and 40 years old, maximum recommended, if age is too big it in finger flexibility there may be some restrictions, in addition to the training process will use computer equipment, with wins相关的主题文章:

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