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Hefei, a guard to save the car shed old flames continued   owners: no claim – Anhui channel — people.com.cn according to Hefei online news, October 11th 3 a.m., Hefei City, Bengbu road and new road junction victory Village District, a shed burst fire, the old guard in order to save the unfortunate car shed inferno. After the accident, affecting the hearts of the people of Hefei. Today, the incident has occurred in the past two days, we are concerned about some of the issues, such as compensation, such as the cause of the accident, as well as the current situation of the scene, and conducted a visit. Burned vehicles are still stacked on the scene: the wreckage is still neatly arranged in October 13th, Hefei under a light rain, cool weather. The victory after a fire in the village of cell invasion, now calm has been restored to its former District, almost did not see a person. In the area of the East, the old man dedicated resident place, shed is now in ruins, man has two dogs also disappeared. After the rain, the ground flowing with huge black. Outside the shed also pulled cordon above a street "crackling" braving the lightning. The shed, the wreckage of non motor vehicles burned are lined up, "as long as the car stopped coming in, Yang Dabo will help the owners in order." The scene of a brother telling. According to many owners reflect the area, the distance from the accident has been two days, these burned debris should also be evacuated. You smell, the surrounding shed there is intense burning smell, and the battery was burned will emit some toxic substances. Hope that the relevant departments to deal with as soon as possible." Residential industry executives say. Closed fire announcement compensation: owners said they do not claim it is understood that the fire, shed about more than and 30 vehicles of non motor vehicles. The old man Yang Zhongdian in order to rescue vehicles, several times into the flames, and eventually fell in the shed door, never died. After the incident, the owners of the district is also sad for the elderly. When it comes to the issue of vehicle compensation, the majority of the owners have said that the district to give up compensation, the old man in order to save our car was killed, which we still mean to let people pay for it." A Brother Lee said. In addition, there are many owners said that the behavior of the elderly Yang Zhongdian can apply for a good man in Hefei, and even good people in china. He is conscientious in their work due diligence, adhere to 15 years, for the owners not to lose a car, when danger, is your own security, want to help everyone to reduce losses. At present, the specific reasons for the fire, the relevant departments are still under investigation. (Zhang Wai) (  commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章:

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